Monday, October 30, 2006


blogging, which led to reading others blogs, has really been an experience for me... i have learned that i'm not the only one out there who thinks these thoughts or has these same questions... that makes me feel so much better about myself!!! (i kinda feel it's had a big impact on me -me and all my craziness taken into consideration!- is that nuts?!?!)

You know you're addicted to Blogging when....:
1. You know you're addicted to blogging, when you're blogging about blogging!
2. You're listening to the news and think, "I should blog about that!". Your friend shares an embarrassing story, and your response is "You should blog that!".
3. You get that giddy, tingly feeling when you see you have a comment!
4. You feel guilty if you haven't posted something in a week!
5. You're starting to like your blogger friends better than your "real life" friends!
6. You know you're addicted when you have an insight in the middle of the night, or some other time during your real life, and can't wait to post it when you get to work.

7. You know you're addicted when you carry a voice activated tape recorder with you so you don't miss any brilliant moments of discovery to share with other know, the REAL people in your life!
8. Your addicted when you can't sleep from the stories swirling thru your brain! and you start more than one space! and the only friends you talk to are your space buddies!

is anyone else addicted to blogging?! blogging is just one of my many addictions.. you don't have to deal with anyone in person... it almost drives me crazy to make commitments to do stuff... could be because i'm kinda anti-social... (at least i can admit it now!)


Levi said...

Ahh... that giddy feeling of excitement! I didn't realise that other people are as bizarre as me! (Isn't that the best thing about blogging?)

As addictions go, at least blogging is pretty unlikely to destroy your life. Then again, I am supposed to be writing an essay right now...

kilax said...

I am addicted - except when I have too much school work, then I feel gulty for not posting!

I love comments, and getting feedback and meeting new people. My mom recently said "Who is Courtney in Control, (we were talking about your weight watchers comment) do you know her from school?"

Nope mom! Just one of the wonderful new people I have met by blogging! ;)

courtneym said...

i SO love getting comments and meeting new people too!!! (i thought i was the only "weird" one!!)
kilax- thank you SO much for your comment!!! that is so nice and it made me feel so good!! and i needed that today!!!
(oh yeah, i was reading your about me 100 list, you could be my long lost sister!! your list made me feel so much better- i'm sorry if that sounds horrible!!)

kilax said...

Nah, one of the best things about blogging and 100 lists is finding out how much you can have in common with other people!