Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Week

It seems like I’ve been going a million miles an hour and from the way things look I can’t see life slowing down any right now… Saturday after Thanksgiving was a friend’s 30th birthday party… I suppose I should mention they had 3 kegs… it was really fun… I had a great time… it’s times like this when I think, going out isn’t all that bad… (or it could have been the fact that we had all been drinking for about 4 hours… oops!)
This week has been crazy… I’ve been working and packing… and packing… and packing… trying to get all the calls made for the utilities and all that fun stuff… lining up the carpet cleaner and the lady that’s going to clean the house… tomorrow we get the keys and it’s ours… we’re leasing the house until we close on the 6th… that way we can paint and get it cleaned up… R is going to move stuff this weekend that the movers won’t move… I’ll be painting… I think we’ve got a good plan of action though… I hope so because I certainly am stressed… I’m hoping that once R gets “his” stuff moved out I won’t be so overwhelmed with the packing… packing stinks!!!
I finally found someone that offers high speed internet across the highway… I called at&t because they said they offered it but like I said, wrong side of the highway …you can get dsl from at&t if you live on the other side of the highway… on our side, nope… that doesn’t really make sense to me but no biggie… we can still get high speed internet… when the at&t lady told me that she could offer us dial up I was like, no!! not dial up!!! then I started picturing my life at the house with no internet and it really made me sad… and of course thinking about that made all sorts of other kinds of crazy thoughts pop into my head… I feel better now though…
Anyways, I’m clock watching now… waiting on 5:00 so I can tackle my million mile long to-do list… I’ll be back as soon as humanly possible!!

Friday, November 23, 2007


it seems that most of the time the holidays are a stressful time for me... seeing family that i only see a few times a year stresses me out... i always felt like i was meeting new people (and tht really stresses me out)...what i finally realized is that they're my family... and seeing them a few times a year shouldn't stress me out... yesterday was such a good day... thanksgiving was amazing!!! i can honestly say it was one of the best thanksgiving's that i've had... we weren't sure if daddy was going to be here but he got home right around noon... YAY!! we had a new addition to the family in july so precious baby bailey was there... she is too cute!!! and she's so good!!! (to be honest bailey had me stressed though i have no idea why)... and it's always so good to see my brother and his wife... i'm so glad they moved back to texas!!
last night we had a few people over and it was fun!!! normally this too would stress me out but it didn't... r's brother was here... as well as a friend that we've both known forever and then another friend of r's he's known forever and his wife... we drank beer and just hung out (well, mike and i drank red draws, i love a good red draw!!!)... it's good to catch up with people you don't see all the time...
r and i were talking and we both agreed this one of the best and least stressful thanksgivings we've had... i have so much to be thankful for and i need to "know" that... and i think i finally do... it's almost like i finally understand... my life is filled with good things and good people... i realize how lucky i am to have such great things in my life... and i need to continue to realize that... not just one day either, every day...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to Good

Today things are all back to good… I guess I was just tired or something yesterday… after work I went to jw’s and hung out… I’ve been going over there on Friday’s after work… I like it… so I went over there and then came home… today I went to see Mary… I love her… she is the best massage therapist… I made another appointment to go see her the Friday after Thanksgiving… she does such wonders for my stress knots!! So that was awesome… It’s only Saturday night, not even 7:00, and I’ve got all the laundry done as well as payroll and have paid the restaurant bills… YAY!!! I’ve got the rest of the weekend free!!! Tomorrow is the last race this year… Carl can’t win the Cup Championship but that’s ok, he won the Busch Championship!! Go Carl Go!!!
I think yesterday was just a kinda down day… just feeling a bit under the weather… but today I’m feeling so much better!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007


I am constantly amazed at how fast my moods can change… this week was a really good week… I hadn’t even thought about having a not-so-good day until today…. last night right before R got home I got really tired… like couldn’t even hold my eyes open tired… I got the daily sheet for the restaurant done and crashed on the couch… I vaguely remember waking up sometime later and stumbling to bed… I slept hard all night long but it wasn’t a good sleep… I was restless and kept having really bad night sweats… when I woke up this morning I realized I even forgot to turn my alarm clock on (that never happens)… when I woke up this morning I was tired… I’m still tired… like dead tired… dragging… I have no energy… and I’m freezing… I’m not in a bad mood, I’m just not in a good mood… I’m just here and blah… I don’t know if I’m trying to catch something or what… I just keep closing my eyes and almost drifting off to sleep… at least it’s Friday though!! and I just keep trying to remind myself that tomorrow I get to go see Mary (massage therapist)… she said she will only do my head, neck, and shoulders… that she’s stopping at my bra line because she doesn’t want to mess anything up regarding my back surgery… I go back to the doctor the Tuesday after Thanksgiving so hopefully he’ll release me for massages… that would be nice… anyways, it will be nice to have her work on my neck, shoulders, and head… I have lots of nice stress knots that I grew just for her to work on… I hate to wish time away but I’m ready for 5:00!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

Still Smiling

i got off work early today to go meet our realtor and the inspector... i had to stop by the house before i went out to i.p. (my capris had a blow out- i'm blaming it on the washer/dryer; they didn't have a hole in them when i wore them last, at least not that i noticed)... sorry, i'm getting way off topic here... ok, where were we... oh yeah, the blow out... so i came home and changed into some shorts (it was 86 here today, it was 68 this morning when i woke up- we've had the windows open forever it seems like)... ok, so i get home and there's a box on the porch... and it's not just any cardboard box, it's a pretty cardboard box... it has pears and confetti on it... my first thought was, i wonder if ups dropped this off at the wrong house... but no, my name was on it... so now my curiosity is killing me!!! i go inside, acknowledge the kitties but they aren't lavished with attention like normal... so now their curiosity is up... we all go into the kitchen and i finally found the scissors that i so cleverly hid for the open house... inside is the most beautiful gift basket from harry and david!!! it has pears, nuts, cheese, and moose munch (chocolate!!) in it!! Gina and Kim, my blog sisters, thank you so much!!! you two are so incredibly sweet!!! i absolutely love it!!! i've been smiling all afternoon because of it!! this means so much to me!!! sorry about the butchered pictures, they don't do the basket any justice!!

p.s... the kitties can't get enough of it either... the handle is kinda ridgy and it's like their own personal head & ear scratcher... they say thank you too!!!

More Good Things

It was a good weekend… it was so nice not to have anything to do… well, there’s always stuff to do but nothing pressing that we had to get done… so we didn’t do much… Saturday night I went out to eat with jw and some girls I used to work with at cingular (now at&t)… I might not have had a whole weekend away but dinner with the girls was really good… I got to see a couple of friends I haven’t seen in years!
The inspection on our “old” house was Friday and we haven’t heard anything back about anything he wants (or needs) to get fixed… I’m taking that as a good sign… today is the inspection on the house in i.p… I’m leaving work early today to go meet with the inspector at the end of the inspection to see what he says… I’ve got my fingers crossed it’s good news!!! If all goes well I’m going to maybe go to the store tonight on my way home and look at paint chips… I love to paint!! I’ve got my camera with me too so hopefully I can remember to take some pics… there are some on the realtor’s website but I was going to take some more…
The restaurant seems to be doing better and that’s always good…
On a totally different note, I got on the scale this morning and woah… I mean!! I knew I had gained some weight back but I had no idea how much… I have so got to start watching what I eat!!! And walking… to be honest I haven’t been walking at all… I know that would help with my back and with my weight… I’m just not really feeling the desire to do it though…
My back is good… I have some discomfort when I sneeze and cough (and lately that’s been all the time- the weather is crazy here!!) but I think that’s only because it’s so forceful… R told me, don’t sneeze so hard… I have no idea how to do that… if I try to hold back it hurts too… so I would say that I am pain free!!! No more back pain!!! And that is amazing!!! I go back to the dr on the 27th… we’ll see what he has to say… hopefully I’m getting to the end of wearing the back brace!!!
Life is good… I just need to stay positive!!!

The single biggest hurdle that prevents people from trying things that they would really love to try..... is fear of failure. Successful people embrace risk instead of run from it. Successful people also fail many times along the way..... sometimes one time right after another.
"Failing forward" is learning how..... when things don't go your way.... to just take a breath, regroup, and bounce back higher and harder.
With the words "failing forward" imprinted in your mind, when those inevitable failures happen (and they will.... the more and more chances you take), you'll always be reminded that you're not taking a step backwards when you fail... you're taking a step forward, towards your goal.
It's okay to fall down five times...just as long as you get back up at least six times. And every time you get up, you'll be stronger, wiser, and better suited to take on the next challenge.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Good Things

Good news!! R and I are in contract officially as of Tuesday night on our “old” house… the guy from the showing made an offer, we countered, and he accepted… his inspection is tomorrow morning at 8:30 so let’s hope all goes well!! we’re waiting on our guy to sign the new contract on the house in I.P. and then we’ll be in contract and we’ll set up our inspection… technically we were/are in contract on the one in I.P. but since there were so many changes on the old contract they drew up a new one… so, tentatively our closing date on both houses is December 6th!! YEAH!!! if all goes well we could be in our new house by Christmas!!!
Which brings me to my next thought… the holidays… Thanksgiving is two weeks away from today… I can’t believe it!! I talked to my brother today and him and his wife will be here for Thanksgiving! I’m really excited because they weren’t here last year!! It will be so nice to have everyone here together… and then comes Christmas… now I’m back to the age old question what to do for Christmas gifts?!?! Money is tight this year (no surprise there) so I’m really trying to be creative… any ideas?!?! Momma and Daddy loved the mugs that I had made with pics of Mazzy and Murphy on them last year… I must say they are pretty cute!! ideas anyone??
The trip to Port Aransas is not happening… I’m so ok with this though… long story short, km wasn’t going because of a death of a close friend… her sister didn’t really want to go and we all know I sure didn’t want to go… but after we found out Tuesday night that our counter offer on our house was accepted I wouldn’t have gone anyways… simply because I’m going to need some time off work to deal with all the house stuff… if I hadn’t had 7 paid weeks off in August and September I wouldn’t mind asking… but since I had all that time off I feel really bad asking for more… all in all though, I’m glad we’re not going… to be honest, I think it would have been more stressful than fun…
My mood is much better and I just need to remember to stay positive… good things are happening!!! I hope (think) this means that things are taking a turn for the better!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

This describes exactly how I feel about Mondays…
R and I had a good weekend… Saturday we packed, cleaned, and he moved furniture… we worked and worked and worked… the house looks so much different… I just hope something happens soon… the new furniture arrangement in the living room isn’t near as comfortable as the old arrangement was… but now we have a better “flow” thru the living room… the open house was a success… our realtor said we had 4 different groups of people show up and each group had at least 3 or more people in it… so that’s always good!! One guy wanted to make an offer but he hadn’t been pre-approved at the bank yet so our realtor took him a loan app from the bank… I’ve got my fingers crossed… at least R and I know that we have done all we can and we did the best we could… we de-cluttered, moved furniture, and cleaned up… maybe something will happen soon…
Daylight savings time… I love it when we “fall back” an hour… it’s much easier for me to get out of bed when the sun’s up… and I love it getting dark earlier… especially when it’s really cold… but man, when the time first changes it takes me a while to get used to it… the kitties too… now I’m hungry at the “wrong times”… my sleep pattern is all crazy… and the kitties, besides them always being crazy, they’re crazier and now their meal times have changed… which only adds to the craziness!!! But we’ll get it all worked out!!
Yesterday was the race at TMS- Texas Motor Speedway… km, her husband, her sister and her husband, and others all go down and camp out… that has to be awesome!!! But the stands hold right around 200,000 people and that’s a whole lot of people!!! They said yesterday that you could fit 52 Texas Stadiums (where the Cowboys play) inside just the infield of the track!!!! Woah!!! That is huge and that is a lot of people… anyways, Carl sucked it up… bad… he had a problem from almost the beginning of the race and they didn’t get it fixed until it was too late for him to recover… there are only 2 races left and it doesn’t really look good for Carl winning the Cup Championship… although he did clench the Busch series Championship this weekend… very nice!!! Way to go Carl!!!
I’m starting to have second thoughts about going to Port Aransas this weekend… things have been pretty good between R and I lately… we had a really good weekend… and as corny as this sounds, I already miss him and I’m not even gone… the only time we’ve spent nights apart (since we met) was the night of our bachelor/ette parties and then when I was in Plano for my back surgery… plus I’ll miss the kitties like crazy!!! I’m not a big being-away-from-home person… I’m very much a homebody (read: more like a socio-phobe)… anyways, right now I’m really not wanting to go… I know it would be really good for me to go and get away but we’ll see what happens… plus, I feel bad leaving R here by himself… I know, I know… what is wrong with me?!?!
The price increase at the restaurant really seems to have helped, so far anyways… now it seems like our main problem is finding a waitress to work from 11-4… I thought that would be one of the easiest slots to fill… apparently I was wrong… last week we didn’t have an 11-4 waitress and right now we’re not sure if we’re going to have one today or what… it seems like it’s always something…
I suppose we’ll just have to see what happens and what this week brings… (hopefully this week is better than last)…

Saturday, November 03, 2007

funny cat pictures & lolcats - My duhpreshun Let me show you it.

i love this... it is too cute... this was me in the middle of the week...

i am feeling better today... i'm hoping things are on the upswing now!! i just need to work on staying positive and looking at all the good things in my life...

the yard work is done thanks to momma and daddy... my back "instructions" say no yard work for a couple of months... (on the 6th it will have been 3 months!) but they said they had it, lets not take any chances... i have no idea what i would do without them... they are such good parents... so i was packing some more stuff up (i would say de-cluttering but there's so much junk!!)... in between loads of laundry... i've got plans to clean the house today like it's nobody's business!! there are just a few more things i can pack up before i need r's help... so i think i'm off to eat a turkey sandwich and get back to work... i'm kinda getting excited about the open house... i just hope someone makes an offer!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Stopping By

i'm still here... things are going, some days better than others... the middle of the week was better than monday and better than friday has been so far... i'm not sure if it's my bipolar-ness acting up or if it's just because i'm letting myself get so stressed... but then i wonder, does everyone feel this way or is it just me? do i just not have good coping skills? (well, i know i do need help in that area)... how do other people stay so calm? or at least come across as being calm?
the open house is sunday... r and i have been packing up some of the clutter at the house... he's been moving some furniture around to make the rooms look bigger... tomorrow i'm cleaning the house like there's no tomorrow... the restaurant seems to be doing better since the price increase... things between r and i seem to be getting better for the most part... we still have our days but at least we're working on it...
my back is still doing great!! no pain!!! it's been 3 months since my surgery and my back couldn't be better!!! it was a total success!! and i have realized that it is worth every penny to be pain free!!!
on a better note though, november 9th thru 12th i'll be in port aransas with the girls... there are 6 of us going total... let's just say that there is the potential for drama there... i'm excited though, it'll be really good to get out of town and get away for a few days... and it will give r and i some time and space... which i think we need... i don't consider me going to plano time away really... so i've got my fingers crossed that the open house will go good and that next week will fly by... keep your fingers crossed too...