Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Days!!

Happy days are here again!!! I found Murphy last night!!! The apartment complex has several big like semi- truck containers out in the back (they are redoing the apartments) and he was hiding under one of them… dc had put some food out yesterday morning and last night after work I went back to where the food bowl was at (for the 2nd time), got down on my knees to look under the container, and he stuck his head out… I thought I was going to have to drag him out but after he stuck his head out he just started creeping out really slow… normally he’s not big on being carried around but I picked him up and he just latched onto me… I cried the whole way home I was so happy!!! Mazzy on the other hand has been hissing at Murphy and I both since I brought him home… she is not a happy kitteh… poor “little” Murphy is worn out and last night he was sleeping in his bed and she walked over to him, started hissing at him and slapping his ears… he was so tired he didn’t even move but she is being mean!!! Back to her “old” self I suppose… she’s acting the way she did when we first brought him home… I know in time she’ll be ok with him being back but until then she’s just going to have to get over it… (I know, I’m such a mean momma)… Murph is covered in dust so today at lunch I’m going to buy him (and her) a new collar and make new name tags with the correct phone number on them… I’ve also got to get some kitteh shampoo or some shampoo wipes or something, I think they have those- shampoo wipes… he’s like a big dust ball!!!! You just pet him and your hand is covered in dust… I tried brushing him last night and then dc and I tried to clean him with a wet paper towel but it’s going to take more than that… I don’t care though!!! I’m just so happy he’s home!!!! I just had to share the good news!! Thank you ALL for all your positive thoughts!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


So this weekend I had my first major catastrophe… Murphy ran away… silly as it sounds, I guess he jumped off the balcony… my 17.5# kitty jumped off the balcony… that’s the only explanation dc and I can come up with… the last time we saw him was about 7:00 Saturday night… we’ve walked miles and searched for hours… we’ve driven around… I called the animal shelter this morning but they didn’t pick him up… I’m about to make some fliers to put up in the apartment complex and put an ad in the paper… I’m so worried about him… he’s never been outside before, not like this anyways, it was always “supervised”…
About how he “escaped”… the lady who lived there before us had put chicken wire up over the balcony slats to keep her dog from squeezing out… one corner of it had been pulled back and for the longest time I always watched Mazzy & Murphy while they were outside… they’ve only been going out on the balcony since I’ve lived there- about 7.5 months… they never did anything outside, just sat in the sun or looked out the slats… dc and I are guessing that he squeezed out of the slats and chicken wire… saying all this, he had to really work to get out…
We put food out where he jumped at, hoping that he will realize hey, this is my food, this is home… nothing yet… none of his food is gone… there are so many places that he could have gone… the possibilities are endless…. Into several neighborhoods, across the street to the golf course, under bushes or cars… like I said, we’ve searched and searched, both at night and during the day…
Mazzy on the other hand is back to her “old” (read: pre-Murphy) self… she’s happy and content now being the only kitty… I just hope she’s not the only kitty for long and that he comes home soon… I keep looking around for him, thinking I’ll see him somewhere… that he’ll just be sitting there…
I’m devastated to say the least… I can’t quit crying and I feel so helpless… Saturday night when dc and I were driving around I kept thinking, so this is what it feels like when your child runs away…. I’m hoping Murphy finds his way home or that we find him… I just want him to come back home!!! I keep thinking, did I treat him so bad that he just had to run away… is there something I could have done differently? I hope he knows that I’m searching for him endlessly and that I’m not happy that he’s gone… please send out good thoughts for Murphy… that he comes home soon!!!

Friday, January 09, 2009


Happy (Belated) New Years to everyone!!!! Here’s to hoping that everyone has a most excellent 2009!!!
Vacation was good and so far 2009 has been stellar!!! Over vacation dc and I went skiing in Colorado… we had a blast (gotta love credit card miles)!!

Other highlights, I found out that I got the one thing I was really wanted for Christmas, dc to move back!!! He hasn’t moved all of his stuff back yet, we’re going to go down one weekend and get it because his roommate is using it right now, but, he is back!!! YAY!!! I met all of dc’s family over the holidays and they were all really nice, not that I was expecting anything less… we got to play golf one day!!! I hit a 189 yard drive and got my first par!!! That was exciting!!! I can’t seem to find my motivation as far as exercising goes… it’s been gone and doesn’t seem to be coming back… I’m really ready for the time change and warmer weather… there is so much more to do outside… being cooped up inside the house all the time makes me not want to do anything… I had a whole ton of stuff that I was going to blog about but now that I’ve actually started blogging it has all just escaped my mind… so, with that being said I’ll post some pics of our Colorado trip... you can see the rest (actually, all) of the pics here.

dc and I at the Ore House in Vail:

Frisco: where we stayed

Me skiing:

dc skiing:

Looking up the mountain:

Looking down the ski trail (Wrangler):

And... borrowed from Post Secret....