Saturday, October 21, 2006

More Ramblings

I slept in today… I didn’t even get up til after 11… it was so nice! I was so tired!! This morning I could swear I heard someone ringing the doorbell (repeatedly) at some ungodly hour, ok, like 9… I think the phone rings, my cell rings… I’m like, dang already! Don’t you know I ‘m trying to sleep… J
Last night, momma, daddy, and I went to eat at the restaurant… It was really good (like always & I’m not just saying that) and they had been busy… we ran some good numbers yesterday and r’s mood was even more improved when he got home (knowing we ran good numbers and his civic’s off the chopping block, for now at least… hehe
I think I’ve mentioned this but momma and daddy’s 35th wedding anniversary was Monday… that’s longer than I’ve been alive! They travel though… different places all during the year… I know momma told me that they were going to go somewhere this week… I asked her about it a couple of weeks ago and she just said, well, some things came up and we decided not to go anywhere… I wondered what she meant by this but figured if she wanted to say more she would… daddy told me last night why they didn’t go anywhere… my aunt, daddy’s sister, has cancer on her back and they have been battling it for over a year now… she’s had many different treatments of chemo but so far none of them have worked… that makes me realize how short life can really be and that I need to really be present in every moment… (yes, you need to prepare for the future but at the same time there is only so much you can do.. ) momma and daddy were in a situation to help my aunt and uncle out and they did (momma and daddy never cease to amaze me!!)… it’s these random acts of kindness that make you happy and you realize how special it is to help someone out while expecting nothing in return, just knowing that you helped to make someone’s life a little better….

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