Friday, October 27, 2006

No News Really

so i went to the dr. yesterday... i did find out that i have an upper respiratory infection... not a big surprise since you have absolutely no idea what the weather is going to be like in north texas (i remember wearing flip flops and shorts at christmas one year!)... last night the weather man said, tomorrow- warm & windy... he got the windy part right but the warm, well, it doesn't look like it's going to turn out that way... ah, so back to the dr. visit... as for the wrist, well, we had xrays done... she said if it was a cyst you would be able to see light thru it on the xray... no light, it was just a grayish-black lump... also, it doesn't look like a fracture.... if you just look at my wrist you can see where it's swollen down my arm a bit (and the growth keeps on growing).. it looks like that little bone on the inside of your wrist is poking out... yuck!! it's still hurting to move it now so i've been wearing a wrist splint so that my wrist won't move as much and it might not hurt as much... i can only imagine how cool i look... not that i really care, i personally think it's quite hilarious... i told her about my family's history of cancer and she didn't really say much about that except that she doesn't think it's cancer... she wanted to have a radiologist look at the xrays though to see what he thought... she gave me some anti-inflammatories to take as well as antibiotics and zyrtec for my sinuses... said to watch the wrist and to call her in 2 weeks if it pretty much stays the same... if it starts to hurt worse or keeps growing to give her a call asap... so for now we're just playing it by ear and we'll see what happens...
i cleaned house last night, that's always big fun... the restaurant was busy yesterday which is good!! of course r was like, we were so dang busy today i didn't even have time to slow down... ok, so i think i have him figured out... he's "mad" if we're slow and "mad" if we're busy... now that is excellent!! my thoughts, that's a man for you!! hehe... his brother (and his band) stopped by the restaurant on their way to colorado... his dad and his dad's girlfriend met them out there... there were a total of 10 of them at their table, 8 in the band (they have good music but for some reason when i listen to the music it reminds me of charles manson and his little clan... it might be the fact that there is like a billion of them in the band, but like i said, the tunes are good!)... we had a new waitress working yesterday (picking up shifts when someone needs off) and they tipped her $6!!! that's it!! all 10 of them!! i felt so bad because the waitress is the girlfriend of one of the guys i work with... plus, they're both friends... r gave them half of the meal and they tipped her $6!! i've been out to eat with my "extended" family and they are the ones that are not scared to complain or gripe... i sure hope they didn't act that way with her... not only would she get attitude but she would get a lousy tip...
thought for the day: at the basis of all anger is fear. fear not.
(ah, this is so true as much as i hate to admit it!!)

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