Thursday, October 12, 2006


I would like to get someone else’s opinion about this matter (if anyone comments that is; I don’t know if anyone reads my blog or not)… is it rude to ask my co-worker to “do his job a little better”? let me explain first, I can imagine how rude that sounds… so, the owner’s grandson, j, started working up here last week… he’s going to be taking over the business so that the owner can retire, he’s almost 70…. Before j started, my co-worker, was always bossing me around, treating me like an idiot (which he still does), and constantly telling me how to do my job… yes, he has been here for 33 years but still, I’m not a moron… he is always telling me how I need to pay this bill as soon as it comes in, circles the balances due on charge accounts we have (because I have no idea where to look, obviously) like credit cards, etc… duh… so, back to my question, he is constantly treating me like I’m stupid and explaining things to me like I am a moron (he way over-explains)… one of the bills that “I need to pay as soon as it comes in” has been sitting on his desk for 2 days, along with a pretty good stack of bills not considering the ones that came in today… one thing to mention, since j started, rrll has been showing him his job and has pretty much just quit working, except when the boss tells him to do something, and now he does nothing but surf the internet, run errands on company time, and of course, my personal favorite, work on his church stuff… so, is it rude of me to ask him if he can go thru the bills and get them to me so that I can pay them? He’s the one who freaks out if we don’t take a discount (even if it’s only change!) and now he’s the one holding me up… my opinion, he’s waiting for me to pay the bills I have now so that he can come in here and joyfully slam a whole new stack of bills in my basket for me to pay…. (he really gets a kick out of that)….
I have decided though that the next time he explains something to me like I’m an idiot I am going to just straight up tell him that contrary to his belief, I am not stupid or incompetent and do not need to be (or want to be) treated like I am… I would also like the same respect that he shows to the boss and j… if he goes in their office and digs for something he puts everything back where it came from… if he comes in here and digs thru my stuff he puts it back where ever and leaves a mess…. Not nice…

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kilax said...

I think that you should ask him to get the bills ready and tell him it will help you do your job better - but definitely stand up for yourself if he keeps acting so rude to you!