Friday, October 20, 2006


so, r called about an hour ago... he said that they got slammed at lunch and that is a good thing... then he made the comment, maybe i won't have to sell my civic... i have failed to mention that r has a project car, the civic, that he wants to turbo... before we opened he said, if things get tight and i need too, i can sell the civic... it really irritates me about the civic... ok, fine, he can have a hobby but why does it have to be so dang expensive!! and to be even more honest, i can't remember the last time he worked on it.... even before we opened the restaurant... it's basically just sitting in the driveway (in my parking spot up close to the house and the garage)... so i get to park under the tree that has one limb hanging over the driveway and guess what... that is where ALL the birds sit, at least my car looks like it anyways... anyways, he was so upset earlier because i had mentioned something a little bit ago about him maybe selling the civic to free up some money... that's where all his "concern" came from... having to get rid of the civic... that really pissed me off but... whatever though...
after that happened, everyone was pissing me off... especially my co-worker... dang!! i guess you could say i'm irritated now... no biggie... 24 minutes until this week is done!! i am so ready to sleep in tomorrow!!


kilax said...

Oh no! This hits too close to home! My fiance keeps a '78 Datsun in the garage - "the project car" - and I have to park in the driveway! ARG!!!!!

courtneym said...

oh yeah, i love the "project" car... it's been nothing but fun... :)
i really don't think it would be that bad if i didn't have to park under the dang tree! :)