Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Move Is Over!

So the move is over with… we took the last load and turned the keys into the apartment office on Sunday. I can’t even begin to explain how nice it was last night after work to just go home. No moving anything from place to place, no having to leave after we get done working to go back to the apartment and go to bed… just going home from work and putting things up. Last night we got the living room set up, tonight we’re working on the bedrooms.
The kitties are doing well in the new place. I think they’ve smelled every square inch of the house, every closet, everything. They spent all Saturday night exploring. We let them outside in the backyard Sunday and then again last night after work. Murphy does really good; if he starts to wander off you can call his name and he’ll stop, turn around, and look at you. Mazzy on the other hand always has to push the boundaries… last night she jumped thru the gate and took off down the drive-way. I yelled her name and I’m pretty sure she started running faster. A car drove by, scared her, and she stopped running. I went to get her and she hid under dc’s truck. I finally ended up half dragging her out cause she wasn’t coming out on her own! She clawed and hissed the whole time. The t-shirt I had on has holes in it and my left arm looks like I got in a knife fight (and lost horribly). Needless to say, she ended up back inside after that little escapade. Murphy on the other hand just hung around outside; he laid on a concrete slab in the yard soaking up the sun, wandered around eating grass, enjoying being outside. Too bad his sister couldn’t act the same way.
dc’s sister is having a garage sale Saturday so we are in the process of going thru everything that we moved over and deciding what to keep and what to sell… man alive we have a lot of junk!!! I’m just hoping that the majority of it sells!!!
Ever since the move in December 2007 I’ve changed my address every 6 to 9 months, so I’m really hoping that this is the end of my nomadic journey for a while…

Friday, March 27, 2009

Feeling It

I am feeling the stress… the stress of remodeling the whole house in about 2 months and the stress of moving… for me moving is stressful enough… add in the remodeling and I’m out of control!! Last night dc called me his "little stress ball" and that fits perfectly. This past week I’ve felt like I’ve been just having a constant panic attack. Everyone says, don’t worry, don’t stress, you’re ahead of schedule. That’s great that everyone else feels that way but when you’ve got your stuff strung out between a house and an apartment and the house is almost done but not quite I’m going to be stressed. I also feel bad, and more stressed, because the kitties are feeling my stress and are stressing themselves. They know something’s going on because dc and I have been moving stuff out all week long. I wish the kitties understood when I tell them, don’t worry, you’re going too, just not yet!! Poor Mazzy has been all over me when I’m at home, like, hey, what are you doing, don’t forget about me, I’m still here!!! Murphy has spent most of his time under the couch or staring out on to the balcony.
The apartment is pretty much empty now except for the big stuff, you know, the washer & dryer, couch, tv, bed, dresser, and chest of drawers. We are supposed to be moving that stuff this weekend so hopefully the weather will cooperate. We had a cold front blow in and have a chance of snow today and tonight. If I wasn’t trying to move I wouldn’t mind at all but I’m not really looking forward to the weather being nasty (side note, it’s been in the 70’s lately and of course the weekend we are supposed to move stuff with the trailer the weather is not cooperating). I’m really hoping that getting moved will take the stress level down about 100 notches for me. I’ve already decided that I’m going to schedule a massage after the move is over. I was going to wait and schedule it after we got the kitchen finished but I don’t know if I can wait that long. Something has to give soon because I don’t like this all stressed out me… the always angry, irritated, or way upset me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Work...

So dc and I have been working on the house non-stop pretty much and I must say it’s looking very good!! I’m really proud of what we’ve done so far!!! We “officially” started moving last night after work, we took two loads of stuff over… technically we don’t have to be out of the apartment until Tuesday so we’ve still got a week but I’m ready for the move to be over and done with. We can’t really do anything else, except demo, on the house until the kitchen cabinets come in. We ordered them last Wednesday and they said it should take 2 – 3 weeks for them to come in. The kitchen is all we have left to do. The carpet was installed in the 2 bedrooms on Friday and we finished the bathroom over the weekend… well, finished except for re-finishing the bathtub but we are going to tackle that one night this week.

The Bathroom- Before:

The Bathroom- After:

Our Bedroom & Closet:


Friday, March 13, 2009


You know what pisses me off more than anything… well, maybe not more than anything but right now it’s my more than anything… when someone can’t take care of something that is going to affect someone else… and it’s something so simple that one little phone call could take care of the whole situation… unfortunately it’s not something I can take care of though… believe me, I’ve tried calling, letters, faxes, but I don’t have the “authority” to remove myself… that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me but whatever… but then, the situation gets even better shall we say… the person doesn’t understand why what happened between you two happened… it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you “took care” of everything else like you took care of this situation… you put absolutely no effort into anything and just hoped someone else would take care of it for you… your relationships, your work/business, everything… that’s how you approach life… to me that’s sad that you don’t even care enough about yourself to try to take care of your own life... you try to act dumb (or whatever excuse you are using now) but it all boils down to being lazy and not wanting to do anything that would require you to take any action whatsoever until you have no choice but to take action… let’s rely on everyone else but the person best suited to take care of your life… I only wish I would have seen all of this sooner but they say hindsight is 20/20…