Wednesday, October 11, 2006


last night i did yoga for the 2nd night in a row.... yesterday i wasn't really sore (until i started doing yoga again)... today is a different story though... i am sore! that's ok though... i'm going to try to make it 3 nights in a row... we'll see though, i need to run to the store after work... tomorrow night is house cleaning night and i would kinda like to get a jump start on it but if not, no biggie... for some reason i want to clean really good... this could change though depending on what kind of day i have or how my attitude is... i'm feeling better and happier... that's a good thing...
i am having an internal dilemma though.. i was summoned for jury duty and i do not want to go... i called and they rescheduled it last time and now it's set for monday... i think one of the main reasons i don't want to go is because i've never been called before (well, when i wasn't in school) and that makes me nervous... plus, the whole social anxiety thing... so my dilemma is, i know it would be a lie but i could call and tell them i'm still in school... but, do they check?! they have started cracking down on jury duty here because no one would show up... i am already dreading it but thinking of telling a lie, even a little white lie, makes me feel bad... before i started working on changing my attitude and stuff i don't think this would have even bothered me... i'd have just called and been like, i'm in school... now, it's driving me crazy... i guess you could say i know what the "right" thing to do is, i just really don't want to do it... is there really any harm in a little white lie? i am scared to death!! any thoughts or opinions?

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