Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh Yeah!!

oh yeah, how could i forget this!!! man, where has my brain been at lately?!?! i think it's from not using it for so long... it feels like a long time anyways!!

Carl won last week's race and in doing so secured his spot in the Chase for the Cup!!! YEAH!!! GO CARL GO!!!


this is Carl's quote from victory lane... how can you not like a guy like this? he's so sincere, nice, and humble even though he's a "public figure"...
“Man, this is the biggest win of my career. I can’t thank Bob Osborne enough and all my guys. My pit crew was awesome and I want to thank my fans for sticking behind us. It means a lot. Office Depot for sure. Dwight Laxton, Howard Hall, Mike Mittler – all those who helped me coming up. To win here at Bristol, I think, is everybody’s dream. I’m gonna be in Columbia tomorrow for Sam Russell, my good buddy who is injured. We’re gonna have a bicycle ride. I don’t know if this is gonna sink in. This is the night race at Bristol – 500 laps and we won it.” YOU’RE LOCKED IN THE CHASE? “Unbelievable. I am living the dream thanks to Jack Roush, Roush Fenway, Office Depot. Anybody out there who has a dream just follow it. I don’t know what to think. It was emotional to win this race. Like I said, I’ve watched this a lot. I think every short track racer out there dreams about this. My little brother is racing tonight and I know he’s watching. Mom, dad, Kenny, I love you guys and to win this race is cool. We’re back.”

Stopping By

i just thought i'd stop by and say hi... check in... there hasn't been much of anything going on... i thought since i was off work i'd probably be a blogging fool... not so much... all i've been doing is walking and working a little... km brought over an accounting program and i'm going to start helping them keep books... i'm excited about that... plus, added bonus, the accounting program will make my life so much easier keeping everything for the restaurant... this will be the last week i actually have to "do" payroll the old way... which is awesome!! (read: i won't be stressed all weekend long until i have payroll done!).... YES!!
my first post-op appt went great... he told me everything was looking good... i go back on the 18th for my 2nd post-op appt... he told me to walk 3-5 miles a day... woah!! that's a lot of miles in one day!! needless to say, i've been working on getting to the 3 mile mark... i was using my gazelle (yes, tony little's gazelle)... today i started using my walk away the pounds dvd... this i like... i can handle this... in less than 20 minutes i can walk a mile in my house... 30 minutes you can walk 2 miles and in 45 minutes you can walk 3 miles... since it's considering "aerobic" walking i started with 1 mile.. i can always walk 1 mile more than once... so, my goal is to work up to 3 miles... i knew after the surgery walking would become an everyday part of my life... i'm just still trying to get used to that... ugh, exercise... i've been stretching too... it's amazing how much flexibility i've lost... before the surgery i could put my hands on the floor without bending my knees, pretty much fold in half... i've just come to the point where i can actually put lotion on my feet if i'm sitting down... oh well, all i've got is time... and that's what it's going to take... being pain free though is worth it!! i just need to keep remembering where i "came from"...
i've started being more conscious of what i'm eating (most of the time)... i've been thinking about joining weight watchers again... i lost 49.5 lbs from january to the end of june at the beginning of 2006... i think i've done a damn good job keeping it off too (especially since we bought a restaurant!)... and i wasn't really doing much exercise when i lost all that weight either... so i was thinking, if i started watching what i eat and keep walking maybe i will lose more weight!! i did like weight watchers though... at least for the accountability...
on the kitty front, mazzy has managed to clean herself up... she's just discolored now... poor dirty kitty... she keeps wanting to go back out in the garage though... um, no!!
the restaurant is rocking along nicely... R is going to have to fire some dead weight tomorrow so that should be interesting... we already know it's not going to go well... whatdaya do though?
i'm not going to complain that there hasn't been much going on though... i will take not much over stressed out anyday!!! i just need to keep that in mind too... things are good though...
today's positive thought is: HANG IN THERE..... YOU CAN DO IT.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Million Dollar Question

yesterday Mazzy managed to get into something out in the garage... R and I let them go out on the back porch (screened in) or out into the garage as a treat... as of yesterday, the garage is now off limits... as I was saying, Mazzy managed to get into something out there and is now running around looking all dirty... (she is a dirty kitty though)... it's like some sort of oil or grease something or other... and here's my confusion, Mazzy & Murphy have been going out in the garage forever!! Mazzy was going out there before we even had Murph.... and this has never been an issue before... so we tried making a kitty burrito and then pulling out the paw so i could wash it off but that didn't work.. the water hit her paw and she was out... i have been "slashed" across my belly (thankfully not by the incision area!)... she is a dirty kitty though!!! she is all dirty!! her fur is all sticky and matted... and I have no idea what to do!! so, this is the million dollar question... what do we do? do we try to give her a bath? and if so, how?!?! i would need a full body suit of armor, including some sort of goggles... (maybe I could just let her lick a xanax and then we could give her a bath... j/k!!)

Monday, August 20, 2007


i had completely forgotten until this morning... Mazzy loves to "ride" on R's turntables (record players)... R dj'd for a long time and he still has all his vinyl... i love vinyl, the cracks, hisses, & pops... it's not near as "clean" sounding as cd music but i still love me some vinyl!! anyways, years ago R was playing records and while I was on the computer in the back room... Mazzy jumped on the computer desk and then onto the table that R's turntables are on... then she proceeded to jump onto one of his turntables... R, being the character that he is, turns it on.. at first Mazzy jumped off but as you think about the relationship between curiosity and a cat, she jumped right back up for another look... so now, she likes to "ride the turntables"... she's too cute... Murphy isn't quite sure what to think of the turntables yet but if you look really close in the first pic on the left hand side you can see a tiny bit of his face and whiskers...

Catching Up

so what else has been going on in courtney's world besides all the back stuff... i know that's all i've blogged about in forever...

the kitties: are doing most excellent... they are still adorable and have been doing a good job keeping me company (read: sometimes driving me crazy) while i've been home...

R: i must give him props for his helping me out (read: doing everything around the house) and putting up with me... he hasn't even been griping about it... and that's very unusual... i keep apologizing to him for him having to do everything and he keeps saying, it's ok, i don't mind, don't worry about it, it's no big deal... he has been wonderful the past few weeks....

work: when i left on the 3rd it was all good... they've called to ask a few questions and to check in on me... it's really nice to have a boss that cares about you as a person and doesn't just think you're a number...

the Cedar Tree: is going good... we changed up the menus... we had just been using a copy of the menu that was there when we bought it.. we changed it up a little bit but basically it was the one that "came with" the restaurant... i know i mentioned it but our one year anniversary was july 31st! YEAH for us!!

me (besides the back): about 2 weeks before the surgery i started getting really nervous... and when i get really nervous i get really bitchy and irritable and my tummy and i were not getting along... i would put something, anything in it and it would just spit it right back out... i ended up calling my head shrinker and asking him if there was anything we could do so i could survive the next week (and actually be a semi-productive person)... anyways, now that the surgery is over with, i feel so much better! i'm so happy!! i've been irritable because of the pain meds but i really think that's the only reason... i am still so amazed that i am pain-free!!! (when i say pain-free i mean not 100% but damn near close- oh what, 99% pain free- coincidence? that carl's number! :) ) i can say one thing though, my appetite is back and i think i'm trying to make up for all the lost food... i have been eating like it's no one's business!! dang!! i've been out of the house once since i came home on the 8th and that was last thursday to go to walmart with momma... my first post-op is tomorrow... we'll see what he has to say...

anything else: i've just been reading... learning, growing... looking for the calm in the midst of it all... which brings me to this... so, i've been learning/growing for several years now... i am working on blogging about, a summation maybe?

i suppose that's about it... the back has been the "big" thing going on... now that all of that is on the upswing it seems that right now life is pretty drama free... and i will take that!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stopping By

You would think with me being off work I would have blogged more than I have… every little thing makes me tired but I’m working on getting my energy and strength back… and each day I have felt better and better!!! Momma and I went to walmart the other day, my first outing since she brought me home, and I had to wear my back brace but you know what, I don’t care… I was walking around PAIN FREE!!!!
Tuesday is my first post-op appointment… I’m not sure what he’ll tell me but I’m excited… looking back, I understand why I was scared, but I’m so glad I went ahead with it… it is so amazing to be pain free!! Absolutely amazing!! Anyways, I’ll be back soon… I just wanted to let you know that I’m absolutely wonderful!!! Better than I have been in years!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Much Better

i am feeling so much better... i woke up this morning and felt pretty good... that's a first for me in a while... i'm really excited about feeling better though, i am going to try to shower today by myself (R will be here if i do need some help).... and then i'm going to go "walking and reading"... i've blogged a little over the past week but have not had the energy or the comfort to read any blogs... now that things are on the upswing though it's time to play a little catch-up... not just with the blogs either, restaurant stuff, pay bills, fun stuff like that.... but you know what, it'll get done though and right now i don't think i'll even mind doing it!!

p.s.. as far as i can tell, the only pain in my back is still around the L5/S1 area where the fusion was done... no pain like before though!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back Home

yeah, i'm back home!!! momma and i got home about 7 last night... the stay wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be... i was doing some physical therapy and walking while i was there... re-learning things that i've done my whole life... everything was going really good until tuesday night... about 3 i started throwing up... (and i had no idea that things such as couching, laughing, trying to the go the bathroom, and throwing up would be so difficult and painful... actually it never occurred to me how much i use my abs)... they told me on wednesday that i could go home if i could stop getting sick... i think most of it was my nerves, leaving the hospital, and the 2.5 hour drive home... we made it though!! i actually slept most of the way home (and momma was laughing at me because i talk in my sleep)... i could not imagine not having momma there... man, she was (and still is) a lifesaver!! everytime i got up she was there, in the the middle of the night, while i was throwing up, helping me get to the bathroom..poor momma, she had to help me shower too... she came over this morning and brought some groceries and then helped me shower, and then changed the dressing over my incision... she is so wonderful!!
the incision is looking good!! and this is the best part, i still have no pain in my back and legs!!! the L5/S1 area is super sensitive but that's to be expected and the belly pain from the incision will heal too!! i'm off to do some walking (and then rest some) but no worries, it's all going even better than i was hoping it would!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

In the Hospital

i'm in the hospital but the nurses are calling me the miracle child... i've been up & down out of bed today... the first time i had to get up was bad... i thought what did i get myself into ??? it is getting much easier to get in & out of bed though... when the physical therapist came in we walked down the hall and i was in shock, i had no back pain or leg pain, only pain from the incision... i've been doing my breathing treatments & p.t. exercises... to be honest, i feel much better than i thought i would.... i just wanted to check in because i am so excited!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Getting Ready

my to-do list is complete, with the exception of packing, and i suppose you could say i'm getting ready to go... i am nervous as hell... no lie, scared out of my mind... but i know it will all be ok after monday morning... right now that seems like so long away... yesterday jw and i went to get a pedicure and manicure- no polish on the fingers, just buffed... km and her sister took me out to eat to help me get my mind off of everything... i think we're leaving about 5:30 (after the race is over!)... i'm up at 5 in the morning to get ready so we can be at the hospital at 6.... surgery is at 7... i'm not sure when i'll be able to get on here again, hopefully soon! the hospital has wireless thruout it and i think momma is taking their laptop... here is the link to the hospital if you're interested... the amentities sound good!!