Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Doing Better

I must say that I’m feeling much better today… even after my dr. appt. with my psychiatrist… he usually manages to upset me (I know, that’s part of his job to find out what’s wrong and that’s the upsetting stuff) but today went really well… the adjustments that we made on my meds last time seem to be working pretty well… except for when I was pms-ing it was a really good month… my anger, sadness, and emotions were controllable… if they become uncontrollable I need to call him…. Last night my mood improved… I came to the understanding that if s wants to file unemployment she can… she was the one who was worried about her reputation… not that she was getting fired… r told her that he was firing her because she was stealing, her response, is that what you’re going to tell everyone because I’m worried about what people will think about me… so he said, I’ll tell everyone that I let you go because of your reliability… not showing up on time, leaving all the time which left ellen, our morning cook, to wait tables and cook.. not cool, ellen said she would testify though if we need her too, that is very much appreciated… she was always calling in and trying to get people to cover her shifts, leaving early… no wonder she didn’t need to work, she was stealing from us… r and I talked last night about this whole situation and he has already called the workforce commission and given them a verbal statement about everything that was going on… she opened the can of worms by telling them she was fired because she needed to go to the dr and he wouldn’t let her off…. no, he gave you those days off…. Another life lesson learned though… I’m just really glad that r is taking care of this… he is so much better in these situations than I am…. he can stay calm, cool, and collected… me, I kinda get bent out of shape…
In the big picture, things are going really well… he is working his ass off up there and I couldn’t be more proud of him… I know I gripe about him a lot but at the same time I do need to cut him some slack because I really can’t imagine how stressed he must be… (he’s heard now that our morning waitress has sticky fingers.. my question, how hard is it to find an honest person to work now-a-days?!? Dang!! The register has been coming out right and the numbers we’re running look about right… he said he would keep an eye on it though…. now that he knows what to look for…)
I am really working on keeping a positive attitude… I think it’s going very good too… all I can do is keep on trying and know that I am better today than I was yesterday… today’s daily wisdom saying: Every experience we have in our lives manifests from our mind. Because you interpret your life and your world thru your mental attitude, it is important to have the right motivation.

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kilax said...

I am curious to find out what happens with the waitress and the unemployment. What a rotten person she must be to steal, then try to collect unemployment! Gheesh!

My uncle owns two bars and is constantly hiring new cooks and staff because it is so hard to find reliable people. When he does though, he treats them well and lets them know it! :)