Monday, May 01, 2006


it is monday.... yuck! i am so not excited about it either... i can't believe it's may 1st already though... that is just crazy, the year is almost half over!! i'm just blah again today and not sure why.... i just really don't want to be here today and have a bad attitude about it... i'm going to weigh in tonight and i'm staying for the meeting! i have too... i have no idea how i did this week... the scale this morning showed i lost... not sure how much but hopefully i didn't gain... i'm just blah... very irritated and edgy... might be the pain meds... could be my attitude... not sure and right now i really don't care... hopefully today will go by fast!!! i'm ready for 5!!
saturday r and i went and mattress shopped.... we picked out and bought our mattress though it won't be here for 2-3 weeks... that's ok though... i bought a comforter and sheet set saturday night and now i want to repaint the bedroom... i really want to get new carpet or redo the hardwoods but right now i'm just shooting for painting.... before we get the new bed anyways... i'm really excited about the bed!! it will be so nice to actually sleep thru the night!!! the race is today, it was rained out yesterday..... i wore my carl t-shirt for good luck hopefully!!!

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