Tuesday, May 23, 2006


yesterday i called the dr. and they were able to see me at 2:30 yesterday instead of thursday morning... when i went in my head was hurting pretty good.... not as bad as it was yesterday morning but pretty good.... the dr. gave me 2 shots in the base of my skull, one on each side of my neck.... the left side wasn't as bad as the right side... don't get me wrong, they weren't pleasant but the one on the right side, man, it was harsh.... my neck is sore today... i've got 2 lumps where he gave me the shot... he said that the lumps and the soreness could last a day or so.... sore too... that's ok though... if they help my headaches it's all worth it... my head is still hurting though not near as bad as it was.... i've got my ice pack with me at work today....
so i went and weighed in last night.... it went well!!! a lot better than i thought it was going to go!! i lost 2.5lbs for a total of 37.5lbs lost!! that was a shocker.... i even had 2 pieces of birthday cake saturday night!! i'm so motivated and proud of myself!! i'm getting so close to having lost 40lbs!! depending on what i set my goal weight at i am half way done!! that is so motivating too!!! i am so walking 1 mile almost every day this week with my 5lb. weights!!!
i'm really trying to be conscious of my goals... like, getting rid of negative thoughts and bringing in the positive ones... exercising more... i know i keep saying it but, i'm really liking this walking dvd.... it's really not bad at all!! i almost kinda look forward to walking every day! (crazy?!?!)
this morning at the post office i saw my (ex) chiropractor.... i haven't seen her since the last time i went in and asked her about the traction bed and my back.... it was really odd for me... i didn't know what to say to her.... k told me that she's getting married so i asked about that.... i didn't get mad or upset, it just kinda threw me off a little bit....
anywho, i'm off to ice my lumpy head.... more soon!!

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