Friday, May 12, 2006


i am SO glad that it is friday!!! this week seemed to drag by... only because i have been waiting on the new carpet and bed... the carpet is being installed as i blog.... the bed will be here tomorrow!! tonight is the last night of sleeping in the dining room... and on the old bed!! tomorrow night, 14" extra of wonderful mattress!!! i am so excited and so looking forward to it!! it might be kinda hard to get me out of bed sunday.... i am really glad that the bedroom will be done tomorrow!! then i can get everything put back in its place and get the house cleaned... it is dirty!! my mood is much better... today is pretty much the first day of that though... my dr. appt. was cancelled this morning... i had a message on the machine when i got home yesterday... no biggie though... my mood has improved and if i can make it thru today i'll be all good!! at least for this weekend anyways... hehe... there hasn't been much going on... i went by mom and dad's last night and visited with them for a few minutes... they have a huge home improvement project going on... they just got new countertops in the kitchen and they look SO good!! marble!!! very nice!! mom is coming over to kittysit while the carpet guys are there... she is so wonderful!! i am tired from not sleeping too well lately but, today is friday... i know i can make it to 5:00!! more later!

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