Tuesday, May 09, 2006


well, luckily all went well at the weigh in last night... i even stayed for the meeting! i think that staying for the meeting really helped my attitude a lot... man, i forgot how funny our leader is... i was cracking up thru the whole thing.... i think the meetings help my attitude.. how, i'm not sure, but i think they do.... r and i went and picked out carpet yesterday... they're going to install it friday morning... then hamilton bryan is delivering our bed on saturday.... i'm ready for it... i haven't been sleeping too well in the "dining room"... not sure what that's about either but... soon everything will be back to "normal".... yesterday turned out to be a not too bad day after all... last night at the meeting our leader was talking about last week's discussion and negative attitudes and thoughts... she said, everytime you have a negative thought or attitude about something turn it into a positive... you are not allowed to have negative thoughts.... she also said, this is going to seem impossible to do all at once but it's not... with time it will become easier and easier... that reminded me of my self help books that i really need to be reading! i think my reading material might help contribute to some of my bad attitudes... crime and murder mystery books... i'm not saying i'm going to go commit a crime or murder but reading that versus a positive self help book... well, there's a difference on how they impact you, well, me anyways.... i've got a whole ton of stuff to do up at work but just can't seem to get motivated.... everything that i need to do is "big" and requires a lot of time... anywho, the meeting helped my mood! i lost 1.5lbs so that is good!! the bedroom is done... well, the plans are in place for it to be done... that makes me less stressed too!! i'm going (to try) to remember to keep a positive attitude!!!

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