Monday, May 15, 2006

Good Stuff!

we had a really good weekend... the carpet was installed friday.... the bed came on saturday... man, it looks good!! the bed is huge!! it comes up to my hip! when i sit on the bed my feet don't touch the floor! that's what i'm talking about!! and OMG! it is so comfortable!!! i have slept like a baby the past 2 nights!! it's so nice having that much room!!! wow!!! i didn't know how much of a difference it would make!!! like i said, we had a good and productive weekend... got lots done around the house... got the house cleaned really good yesterday!! it looks good! i'm really happy about everything!! also, on a weight note, i am able to wear a pair of jeans, shorts, and capris that i wasn't able to wear before!! so excited about that!!! my scale shows i lost... i'm not sure how much but i've been doing some exercises that i printed off of they involve handweights... i've been doing those... i didn't walk this week but i'm going to walk this week coming up... thursday is one of my friends 30th birthdays so we're going out to their house to watch the nascar race on saturday night.... i go weigh in tonight and i'm staying for the meeting... i think the meetings really help me stay focused and on track more... as much as i hate to admit it.... hehe.... i've lost a total of 32lbs so far!! my goal now is to lose 3lbs more so that i can get another 5lb star!! i have been really motivated this last week, as opposed to about the past month, oops!!
the weekend was good though!! hopefully i'll have more good news to report tomorrow!!!

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