Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not Quitting!

the past couple of days i've been feeling very anxious.... i'm not sure why but i just know that i've been feeling anxious.... i need to delve into my emotions deeper to see if i can figure out why.... i read this blog, doc's place, and it is so good!! i found it one day when looking for tips on anxiety, anger, and depression... i saw this on there today and it made me think:

Control is a very important issue for most of us, especially those who are anxiety disordered. This does not mean being a controlling person of those around us but rather being in control of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

control is very important to me! not controlling my environment so much as controlling myself... i can see now why people have eating disorders and stuff like that... they can control their eating, even if that's the only thing.... i want and need control of my life... living it for me and not anyone else... i am happy and i am going to continue to be happy.... my life is great and it is getting better! i have more than i need and am grateful for that... today most of the stuff that i have been reading has had to do with positive thoughts and affirmations... my positive affirmation is:

No matter how long it takes, I won't quit!

what is it? whatever it is that i'm dealing with or talking about... losing weight... controlling my anger and emotions... using positive thoughts and affirmations.... whatever it is, i'm not going to quit it.... i guess now i need to make a list of a few very important goals... or i should say, goals that i am going to achieve....

My Goals:
1. Repeat my (or a) positive affirmation when i think about it or when negative thoughts try to creep into my mind.
2. Learn to "control" my emotions.... this includes learning what triggers my anger and other emotions....
3. Exercise more.... as much as i hate to admit it, i have been feeling better lately... exercise helps...
4. Lose weight... my weight loss will be aided by my other 3 goals....

I have 4 goals right now... yes, they are very broad goals but they are my goals... and no matter how long it takes, I won't quit!!

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