Friday, May 19, 2006

Too Cute!!!

i absolutely love this picture!! it is too adorable!! kinda makes me want some "pet" pandas... hehe...
things have been good this week.... i've been in a pretty good mood.... i haven't really gotten upset this week, well, maybe i have, but not as bad as it has been.... i don't know if it has something to do with my subconscious and me talking about working on keeping my emotions in check... probably so but that's ok, i'll take that! but i really am working on keeping my anger in check and trying to difuse it before it gets out of control... i'm learning the warning signs that i'm about to get really mad and starting to take action to calm down before i just fly off the handle... it's working pretty good! my co-worker and i are actually able to have a conversation... a short one, but it's a start! this weekend we're going out to a friend's house to watch the races.... her 30th b-day was yesterday so we're celebrating that... i've got all my fingers and toes crossed that we're off on the 29th.... the 28th is my birthday and it sure would be nice to have monday off!! we'll just have to wait and see though!! we need to get the bedroom put back together... well, basically hang the stuff on the walls... when we get that done i'm going to post pics of the new bedroom... i love it and am so excited about it!! the bed is still way too comfortable!! getting king sized pillows really helped too... i didn't realize that there was so much difference between a regular pillow and a king sized one... as r puts it, not having your face fall in the crack of two pillows when you roll over is great, i sleep much better! less than 5 hours til the weekend!!

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