Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Various Tidbits

here are some various tidbits of information that i have picked up over the past few days... pieces of things that came in an email, something i read... things like that...

My emotional pain is never about the other person. It’s not about my spouse, my parents, my friends, or the stranger in the store. It’s always and only about me. Whatever anyone else is thinking or doing is never about me; it’s always about them. They live in their own interpretation of the world.

If the generally accepted concept were to obtain what we really need and then be content, society would be completely different. We would not always be tortured by fear and anxiety. We could just relax and be happy. Developing a sense of contentment is a precious gift.

"Anxiety is mostly caused by two emotions: anger and sadness." "People get anxious about not being able to control their anger or about not knowing how to deal with situations that make them sad. And that is what fear is—the inability to solve the problem that is making you angry or sad."

"The breath and mind go together." "If the breath is calm, steady, and even, so are we. If the breath is shallow, agitated, and arrhythmic, the mind won't be able to concentrate."

I am mightier than any negative circumstances that I might face today, tomorrow, or ever.
I am rising up, out, and away from old limiting thoughts, habits, and concepts about myself.... and practicing daily positive self-talk is greatly helping me do this.
I am pure potential..... and my potential is unlimited.

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