Wednesday, September 20, 2006


it seems that things keep popping up where we (or r or i) have to make a decision... where to begin... r and i had figured out that our head waitress, the one who's been with us since we opened, was stealing but we didn't really know this until recently... we had no idea how much until today... we don't have an exact number but we're now sure that she was stealing... so he fired her... all she seemed concerned about was her reputation around town... personally in my opinion, she's done enough on her own to damage her reputation without our help... crackhead! (sorry, i know that's not nice i'm just really frustrated and irritated)...
the other dilemma... sneakers... he's the kitten from the cedar tree.... he's been living up there since we opened up... i feel so sorry for him... he is one of the cutest little kitties in the world!!! he is so sweet too!!! and lovey!!! all he wants is a home and some love and attention... r has been feeding him and giving him fresh water everyday... sneakers let's r pet him... now he's following r to his truck and following him around outside... it's making r feel so bad... we both decided that if someone hasn't taken sneakers home (we've had several people say they are going to take him home) by friday then we'll take him... we've given it a lot of thought... contemplated having another kitty... how will mazzy and murphy act? mazzy wasn't too happy when murphy came along but she got over him so she can get over sneakers... i think that murphy would love to have sneakers as a brother/sister.. plus, murphy would have a play partner so maybe mazzy would like that, maybe she would get left alone... is three kitties too many? r is the one who made the two kitty rule but he is the one who brought bringing sneakers home to live with us up.... i should know that if it's meant to happen it will.... if not, it won't... i just can't get over how sad sneakers makes me though... people call me the crazy cat lady and that's ok with me... right now i really don't want to have any children, maybe one day, maybe not... we'll just have to see how that goes... to me, my kitties are my children... there was this bumper sticker that i saw once, cats, not kids... um, yeah!! i personally don't think that three kitties is too many and i shouldn't really care what others think... all i know is that sneakers has to be rescued... all he wants is to be loved and a home... he's not asking for too much... i know we could give him that!! and we will if no one else does!!

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