Friday, September 22, 2006


I am so glad it’s Friday!!! We don’t have any plans for this weekend…just relax and hang out… well, I think that r and I are going to try to get the window unit changed out at the restaurant this weekend… I have a few things on my to-do list that I’m maybe going to work on getting accomplished but nothing major that has to be done, well, besides payroll and paying bills… last night our final number was good! That was the highest number we’ve run in about a month… and it wasn’t even our busy night… I feel so much better and reassured just seeing our numbers for the past 2 days… r said that he hasn’t been having to buy as many cokes, bread, or food… we think that our ex-head waitress was “borrowing” food, drinks, pretty much whatever she needed… much more convenient than having to drive somewhere and actually buy it… she could just walk across the parking lot and “borrow” it… that’s good because it’s cutting down on our food cost! This whole issue has ended up working out for the better… there’s always something positive in every situation (even though it might be a little hard to see) and I see the positive in this situation now… the only person that we’re really worried about keeping happy and content is our morning cook, e… her and r have a good relationship though… I must say that things are going well… I’m already very excited about the turn around in the business!!

I didn’t end up going to my class last night… I got home, was talking to k on the phone, laying on the couch, and I got so sleepy… I took a nap… then overslept this morning… no biggie though, I still made it to work on time, actually a few minutes earlier than I normally get here… ah, I’m getting a massage tonight… she’s going to work on my neck some more… it is bound up!! I’ve been doing my neck exercises too…

After my nap last night I tried meditating for a little bit… I found some guided meditations online and listened to them…. Even though I haven’t tried meditated that much, I’m still a newbie, I found myself getting really relaxed last night… the way they were describing that you would feel, that’s how I was feeling… I felt much more calm after I got done… the kitties even left me alone while I was meditating… needless to say, after I was done they went crazy!!

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