Monday, April 03, 2006


it's monday and i am not excited about it at all... all day yesterday after i realized that today was monday i've been dreading it... i usually don't dread work this bad but after the past 2 weeks i am... i have no idea what type of mood my boss will be in.... i don't think i lost this week... in fact, it's like i almost know i gained.... i was doing really good until saturday night... i went nuts... when we got home from eating with r's dad and his dad's girlfriend i was so sick... i threw up and up until there was nothing left.... i'm trying so hard not to be down today.... but yeah, so far it isn't working... i feel like i could just bust out into tears at any given second... it could be my hormones, considering this is week #4 of my period.... i tried to talk to r this morning and see if he could put me in a good mood but he was pretty much in the same mood i'm in... blah and not wanting it to be monday... that's ok, easter is coming up and hopefully that means that we'll have a short week coming up... either next week or the week after.... last week was really bad and the next week before wasn't too much better... when i left work on friday i was bawling... and my boss was out of town... i just hope he's in a better mood this week than he has been.... his mood has been foul.... yesterday r and i did the yard work and we noticed that the tree that got hit by lightning last year is dead... so now we get to cut down the tree... there is so much stuff that i need to be doing instead of being here... i feel bad today... it's my allergies/sinuses... it feels like i have about 20lbs of snot in my head... i can't get this funky taste out of my mouth and i've brushed my teeth about 6 times already today... anywho, enough griping... i'm going to get started on my stuff.... keep your fingers crossed that the day gets better!

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