Monday, April 17, 2006


so, today is monday and i am not a happy camper.... why? don't know... maybe because it's monday... my back is still hurting, i'm still on my ., and i get to go weigh in tonight.... not sure how the weigh in is going to go.... we'll just have to wait and see.... my back, it didn't hurt as bad friday as it did this weekend or now.... i need to call dr. herren i guess... go see him.... i've also got to call dr. lamar... see what we can do about me having my . all the time... i am tired of that! i guess i'm just in a generally foul mood this morning... it was a short weekend... i don't think i realized that today was monday until last night... or maybe subconsciously i did and that's why i wasn't too happy yesterday.... who knows, my guess, it's a combination of everything! we had a good weekend though... saturday i went up to k's office and filed extensions for them... saturday night we went to eat at bill's catfish up in waurika, ok.... it was so good!!! yesterday we just hung around the house and then went to mom and dad's for dinner.... dinner was so good!! that's about it.... i'm ready for the weekend though.... maybe i can get out of the foul funk that i've managed to let myself slide into... time will tell....

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