Tuesday, April 11, 2006


i went and weighed last night... i lost 1.5lbs... pretty good... i've now lost a total of 32lbs!! yeah!!! i'm pretty happy with myself!! r and i got all the ebay stuff he sold packed up last night and then he shipped it this morning on the way to work... my wheels also got shipped out... they'll call r and then he can pay for them!! soon i should be getting my new wheels on my car! that is so exciting!!!
on to my ouch... this morning when i woke up my back was hurting! bad!! this is the first time i've woken up with back pain in a long time... almost a year... i'm not sure what happened... i haven't done anything out of the ordinary lately... not in the past couple of days to make it start hurting like it is... i did a few stretches before i showered this morning to see if that would help... it didn't... before i left the house i took a pain pill.. that is the first one that i've had to take in a long time! that's ok though, that's what i have them for... i'm not going to beat myself up for having to take one when i really am in pain... let's hope the back pain goes away! i'm not sure if we're working friday or not but i am acting like we're going to be off work so i'm trying to get everything wrapped up.... it would be nice to have a long weekend!!

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