Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dr. Visit

so i went to see dr. bob this morning about my back... i am so glad that i did too!!! i now know the reason behind my headaches... it's my greater occipital nerve causing them.... he said he doesn't know what is triggering them but that's the reason they are where they are.... he said we could do little cortizone shots at the base of my skull if the headaches don't get better... he said that there is a lot of research being done right now on people who have chronic headaches and many diagnose them as sinus infections or migraines when in fact they may be caused by that nerve... my back "flare up", that's what they call them, hehe, could have been caused by the traction bed, especially since i haven't done anything else out of the ordinary... he put me on a 7 day packet of cortizone steriods, i don't know if all cortizone is a steriod or not... i didn't even think until later though...
diet + steriods = not good.... that's ok though... i'll deal with it, especially if it helps and keeps me from having to get another epidural injection... he also gave me some different pain meds to try... he said that if they worked and i could tolerate them to just let him know and they'll call me a prescription in.... sounds pretty good!!
ah, so the weigh in.... well, i gained 3lbs... i'm not sure what happened either but that's ok... i'm taking it in stride... like i said yesterday, i weighed sunday morning and had lost 3lbs... weighed monday morning and the weight was off the charts.... there are a number of factors it could be... i'm just going to do my best and work on keeping it off, especially while i'm on the steriods... even "giving back" the 3lbs i've still lost 30.5lbs! that's pretty dang good!!! i'm pretty excited!!!
i feel so much better today than i have in about 2 weeks (even though my back and head are still hurting)... i think it's because i went to see and talked to dr. bob.... i have been and am really impressed with dr. h and his staff.... they have been nothing but nice and understanding since i have been to see them!! i really like them!!! i told dr. bob that i felt like a hypochondriac and he said, there is no need to feel like that.... you have the signs and symptoms of everything that you have been describing... your back and head/neck are tender.... you don't need to be in pain... we can fix it, well, most of it anyways... that made me feel much better!! it's just really nice to have a dr. listen to me for once and not try to tell me it's all in my head!!

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