Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm Back

it's monday again and i don't seem to mind as much this week.... i think it may be a short week because of good friday and i really hope so!! r and i had a good productive weekend.... the tree that got hit by lightning that we thought was dead actually turned out to be alive, it just took it a little longer to start blooming than the other trees.... i went out saturday and starting hacking on one of the limbs and looked up and was like, huh, there are leaves on the tree... wonder if it's still alive... so i finished cutting off the limb i was working on and stopped.... daddy drove by and looked at the tree, it's still alive so now we can decide if we want to keep it or go ahead and get rid of it... we'll just have to see what happens.... i cleaned the house and my car up saturday... sunday we walked... cleaned the outside of my car again, there is a limb over my car that i am wanting to cut down, the birds love that limb!!! so i went back to the carwash... no biggie.... it sure does seem like we did more than that this weekend... oh well... tonight i go weigh... and i am actually going to go... the past couple of weeks i haven't been feeling too good on mondays but not today.... i am in a really good mood!! if this is a short week it will go by so much faster!!! the only downer is that my ipod got turned on in my purse and now the battery is dead... that's ok though... i can survive!! besides that, everything is good!! i called this morning on shipping 2 of my rims off to get them balanced... they faxed me ups shipping labels with the postage already paid.... wow, impressive! seems like this is going well!! so i think we're going to get my rims shipped off tomorrow.... yeah!!! then i can get my tires and get my wheels on my car!! i am so excited about that!! i'm still busy at work.... just because the end of the year is over doesn't mean that i've slowed down any... that's ok though, it makes the day go by faster!! that's about it for now.... hopefully i'll get a chance tomorrow to blog and let you know how the weigh in goes tonight... it was looking good this morning!!! keep your fingers crossed!!

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