Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Time Warp?

ever since the time change, i know, a whole 4 days ago, i have been in some sort of time warp i think... but it's only in the mornings... it's the weirdest thing!! i've been getting up at the same time as i was before the time change... i haven't changed my schedule at all... i mean, it varies daily but not by much... maybe what i eat for breakfast... when i put my clothes on... but that's it... somehow i have been losing 5 to 15 minutes each morning... 5 minutes not such a big deal but once it gets to 10 minutes or more... well, that kinda speeds me up or i wear my hair in a "ponytail"... if you can call it that... it's more of a nub of hair than a ponytail... the ponytail is maybe 1" long... i've been thinking about having the back of my hair cut off anyways... leaving the front long and cutting the back... the back seems to grow really fast anyways... enough about the hair though... this time warp... i have no idea where the time goes or anything! it's nuts! i thought maybe monday morning i was just up a few minutes late... i've been checking and well, not by my clocks anyways! i don't know what's going on... i've been working on this blog for about 2 hours now... work is nuts and the end of the year is over!! i've gotta run!! more later!!

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