Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Awakening Session

this morning i had to go to the post office before i went to my awakening session.... i had been behind this lady in a brand new escalade for a while and she was driving like a crazy person, you know, waiting til the last minute to turn, crap like that, and not using her blinkers... sorry, but that is one thing that drives me crazy, not using your blinkers... i had already gone into the post office and come back out by the time that she was going in... i rolled down my window and said, m'am, i have a question for you, i see you're driving a brand new escalade, do blinkers not come standard on those? i mean, if it's an option i would like to know just so that i can be on the lookout for new cars so that i know that they may or may not have blinkers... she just stared at me so i drove off... normally this is something i would just rant about in my car and not actually say but for some reason today i did... i was pissed... then there was this lady/man (couldn't tell) but they were older than dirt trying to back out of their parking place and going the wrong way... damn already, take their license away before they kill someone!! i just started bawling after that... idiots!! i know, i should be able to deal with this, in the big scheme of things it's not that big of a deal but i guess i've just had it... with everything... until i went to my awakening session with jon, the "founder" of the community arts healing center in town... i've learned so much from him, now if i could only put it into practice like i know i should... they say it takes 21-28 days to make something a habit... i need to do this, for my sanity as well as for the "safety" of others...

this is what his website says regarding an awakening session:
The body is very complex, consisting of four main aspects. Those aspects are the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. I have never seen complete, long-lasting recovery and health without addressing all four levels of an individual.
I have found that most people are willing to work on the physical body but shy away from working on their mental attitudes and habits, or their emotions. People will usually visit a chiropractor, doctor, or massage therapist to address the physical but avoid dealing with their emotions. These people do get relief from these modalities, but the relief can be slow in coming and short-lived.
The problem with just addressing the physical is that behind every physical illness and pain lurks an emotional or mental component/issue. If we only deal with the physical we miss a big part of the equation and total health and happiness is not achieved. To have true lasting health there must be a resolution not only within the body but also within the mind and heart!
I have extensively studied techniques that address the self in this holistic manner. I have found that a more complete resolution takes place when the body is approached on all levels. Up until now I have limited myself in the type of work I do for fear that these deeper modalities might not be appreciated or even understood. However, I have come to the point in my own growth that it has become necessary for me to work in this way with my clients. I feel that if I do not address all these aspects of healing, I am not giving all that I can to my clients. And It’ is very important for me to give 100% to the people I work with.
Bottom line: If we are not ready to address our emotional and mental issues then we are not ready to have complete health and happiness. This may sound a little harsh but it’s not meant to. It is simply the truth. Facing and defeating our mental and emotional demons is what the spiritual journey is all about.
My work consist of mental and emotional clearing techniques (EFT and PEAT) followed by physical (massage and stretching) and energetic (Reiki, BodyTalk, etc.) modalities. Depending on the time allotted for a session I can usually do two to three techniques if necessary. Each session I do builds on the one before. I still provide relaxing and deep tissue full-body massages for those of who enjoy the physical experience of a massage. However, if it is an illness and pain free body-mind that you’re looking for, I believe that these techniques are mandatory.

moose paid for my session today as my christmas present... she knows how stressed i've been and she's been going to the classes with me at the center... she told me about her session and about how he had brought up issues that she had been repressing but that were still affecting her in various aspects of her life... jon did the same for me... i really don't want to get into some of the issues right now, i'm still processing and digesting them but i feel so much better and so much more relaxed.... from the muscle testing he did, we found that one of the medications that i've been on for a long time has been "blowing out my body".... draining me of "life", making me more depressed, and basically in general not good for me... the valium he said is not doing me any good... it doesn't help me anyways, i can't feel it... he cleared some of the toxins in my body and said that i may feel ill or like throwing up for maybe the next 24 hours or so.... i told him, no biggie, that's what i've pretty much been doing since christmas eve eve... he said that the throwing up could be caused by all the stress that i've been under lately and that it's probably my body's way of trying to clear out the nastiness.... i have thrown up once since i got home and my tummy is terribly upset but that's really nothing new... i need to go to the mall and return a gift and get something else but that can wait... physically i'm not feeling up to it right now... i'm exhausted... mentally i am feeling better and more calm, which is a very good thing...
i feel like what i blogged last night was mean but i know that everyone has regrets of some sort... i'm not saying i regret where i'm at or who i'm with, i was just having some issues i needed to get out... hopefully later tonight i can get out my binder with my center/jon info in it and start going back over it... i think that will help a lot!! it is now nap time...


kilax said...

Haha, I love it that you said that to the lady in the Escalade! What a beyotch!

courtneym said...

i was in such a foul mood and was just like, no!! oh hell no!! plus, you never know, i thought i might have missed something on the news that said that blinkers are now options on new cars.... ooohh, sometimes i can be so tacky!!
mmmuuuaaahhhhh!!! (think evil laugh!)