Sunday, December 03, 2006


i hate hair... my hair, r's hair, pretty much all hair... hair on the ground.. especially if i'm barefoot- getting hair in the toes is the worst!!! oddly enough, the kitty hair doesn't bother me... anyways, r has extremely thick hair and when it starts to grow out it gets really curly... he has these huge black curls!! it's so cute when it's grown out and he wears a hat... these big black curls stick out of the bottom of his cap... so cute... ok, back to the story... r refuses to pay for a haircut... before/when we met, he only got his hair cut once a year when his sister came home for christmas... somehow i ended up getting hair cutting duty... even though i really hate hair i don't mind shaving his head for some reason... we've been talking about cutting it for about 3 weeks... the only day we really have to cut his hair is sunday... it was cold here today and somehow i let him talk me in to shaving his head in the kitchen... i ended up giving in... i put an old sheet down all over the floor though to try to catch most of the hair... i swept and vacuumed the floor but i'm so glad it's cleaning week!!
we also got the kitties nails clipped.. that's always fun...
i can't believe tomorrow is monday and that it's already december 3rd... only 22 days until christmas... dang!! but that means, less than 20 days until vacation!!

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kilax said...

Seeing my own hair on the floor actually makes me feel queasy. I lose so much of it everyday when I flatiron. Yuck!