Friday, December 29, 2006


i mean, no words needed but ouch!! he is hot!! that is my man, carl edwards, #99 driver for the nascar nextel cup... hey baby... hehe
km, her husband, km's sister and her sister's husband, plus about 20 people all go down to texas motorspeedway every year to watch the races... we at tms are lucky enough to have 2 races here each season!!! one is a chase race!! km and the rest all went, camped out for about a week, and had an absolute blast!! man, i would love to do that but more than that, i would love to go to a race- well, a whole race weekend, the truck, busch, and cup races... it really is do-able too!!! dang, that would be so awesome!! maybe we can try to make the november race (that's the chase race!!)... hopefully it'll be an excellent year and that would happen!!! and oh yeah, if we go i am going to have to see carl in person!!! he's your small town boy who grew up racing, southern, just basically a "good 'ol boy"..... and he also has a huge gorgeous smile (i love it) and blue eyes!! and a great attitude (i'm trying to learn from him!!)!!! he also, has a killer backflip!!! oh yeah, i am now officially an "edhead"... yeah!!! a carl edwards fan!!!

2005, which should have really been his rookie year (but he ran more than 7 races in 2004) kicked ass and took names... he came in 3rd in the chase... i mean dang!!! talk about impressive... but that's ok.... 2005 was great, 2006 was ok- lots of bad luck (and you really can have bad luck in nascar)... but 2007 is going to be an excellent year for carl!! he's going to make the chase and kick some ass!!! i have nascar fever bad!!!! i am working on getting a countdown to daytona on my blog... WOOHOO!!!!!!!

ok, just a few more pics.... the backflip pic is at atlanta in 2005....


kilax said...

ooo, he is cute! Sometimes the nascar guys are not so cute, but that is definitely not the case here!

courtneym said...

oooohhhh!!!! he is so yummy!! i could just eat him up!!!! when i picture my version of a country boy, he is who i think of!! blond hair, blue eyes, big beautiful white smile, stop me now!!!
so bad, so bad!!!
but yes, some of them are for sure not cute!!