Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Am I over-reacting or not? I don’t know, all I know is that r really hurt my feelings last night… I didn’t want to blog about it before because it still upsets me… it still upsets me but maybe getting it off my chest will help… r’s family is not big on celebrations- Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, pretty much anything except for partying just for the sake of partying… r’s never been big into Christmas like I was… I say was, it seems that I’ve lost most of the joy of Christmas… maybe I let his scrooge-y attitude rub off onto me… I don’t know… r has never cared if we have a tree or decorations up.. no lights, inside or out, except for what I used to put on the tree… in fact, the day after thanksgiving when I was putting up the Christmas decorations he was making fun of me… telling me that I was “too into it”… I just ignored him and kept going… so, last night he comes home from work and is all excited… he says, guess what? Saturday after work we’re going to put lights up… I guess I had a confused look on my face because then he started to explain… one of our night waitresses wanted to decorate for Christmas… I told r that I just wanted to hang stockings with everyone’s name on them and then they could do whatever they wanted… so he says that the night waitress wants to hang lights outside (and decorate the inside)… well, she doesn’t want to hang the lights, she wants someone else to do it… so “they” (I’m not sure who the collective “they” is) decided that they’ll hang icicle lights around the restaurant and put 2 of those light up deer under the cedar tree out front… I think that will look really good!! But, it really hurts my feelings that he’s willing (and happy about it!!!) to put lights up at the restaurant and to help them…. He won’t help his wife but he will help her/them… I told him it hurt my feelings and he said, the house doesn’t make me any money, the restaurant does… a whole discussion (not quite an argument) got under way… he said, I thought you would be excited about the lights as much as you love them… if you really want me to put lights up at the house I will… I said, no, I would hate for you to have to do that… he said, no, I’m going to put icicle lights up along the front of the house… I just let it go… whatever..
my personal opinion is that he doesn’t like to decorate for Christmas because that will take time away from him sitting on his fat ass on the couch… sorry, I know that’s ugly but I think it’s true… it just pisses me off and really hurts my feelings but… life goes on… punk.

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