Saturday, August 05, 2006


ok, so yesterday afternoon i was stressing hard... i haven't really "freaked out" since the restaurant opened.. i think that might have been it... i realize that... i realized that last night but just never got a chance to blog about it... the stress started when i talked to r and he told me about our night cook... i should say, former night cook... anyways, that's not important now... my stress (and anger) kept growing as my boss and co-worker kept giving me stuff to do (that my co-worker could have done, if he would have wanted too) and my boss wasn't working on my billing.... hindsight is 20/20 and it's no big deal now... i was out of work by maybe 5 after 5... no biggie... and i really don't think that the work stress would have been that big of a deal if our cook had shown up... i called r back about 4 to see how he was doing because i was stressing about it... my mind was racing as to who i could call to come in and help him... he ended up really hurting my feelings, once again, my state of mind played a big part in that... he ended up hiring a dishwasher last night who had come in to eat... (he put an application in the night before when he came in to eat...) we ended the night by hitting the number r has been dying to hit since we opened... i must say, all in all it was a really good week.. yes, it was stressful but that's going to happen anytime you open a business (in my opinion anyways)... running (and being successful) at your own business is hard... i keep reading for restaurants it's harder... i'm ready for the challenge and so is he... i think, for me, only "freaking out" once this week was pretty good... i did feel like i had been having a major panic attack for about oh, the past week... that's ok though... the panic attack feeling is still there but it's lessening day by day... at 2:00 today our first week will "officially" be over with... r can come home and enjoy a day and a half off before he has to go back... i really am proud of him though... he's working his butt off and kicking ass at the same time!! he's put in a lot of hours this week and i know he's tired... so far, overall, this last week was good!! i'm proud of him and us! i think we're doing a really good job!! it will only get better!! until later...

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