Monday, August 28, 2006

Hard Day

If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

i got this email this morning, which i will share with you at the end of this blog, and it really fits me today... i titled this hard day instead of bad day... i don't want to look at days as bad, just hard or challenging... when i first got to work this morning i was about to just break down in tears.... i've managed to pull myself out of the funk and really am feeling better.... instead of asking, why is this happening TO me i'm asking, why is this happening FOR me? because everything happens for a reason....
i guess i should explain what's going on... r and i went out to the restaurant to paint the non-smoking dining room yesterday, to clean out the shed, and just kinda work on some things that we've been wanting to work on.... we get out there and the thermostat says its 96 degrees in there... the breaker that the a/c was on had blown... not really a big deal since this has happened before... not a lot, maybe a couple of times... r goes out to flip the breaker back on and the a/c comes on but it's not blowing cool air, it's hot.... he ended up messing with that for about oh, an hour... i got the back of the kitchen door 2nd coated (it faces the non-smoking dining room and i had gotten 1 coat of paint on it- didn't realize it was going to be shut all the time- forgot to 2nd coat it and it was driving me crazy!!).... we decided not to paint because it was so dang hot.... just from being in there an hour my sports bra/tank top was soaked.... yuck!! plus, looking around the non-smoking room, it was going to take us a little while and we really didn't want to paint in the heat like that.... so we went back home.... this morning the cook calls at about 6:15am and tells r that the a/c isn't working and it's 99 degrees in there... she also tells him that the ice machine is on the same breaker and isn't working either... r leaves the house in a foul mood... i felt so bad for the kitties, normally he gives them love when he leaves but not today... poor kitties!! to be perfectly honest, i'm not that stressed about all of this, it's just something that we're going to have to get fixed and there's really not much else we can do about it... i just feel bad for him because he's out there all the time, seeing things that just drive him crazy, and we were going to start working on those things but now we are fixing other things... it'll all be ok though.... so, it's not a bad day, just a hard day... i need to be optimistic right now, for r, if for no other reason... it will all work out and be ok... i will just stay positive!!

Hard Days
We all have days that seem endlessly difficult and hard. On these days, it is as if the odds are stacked against us and we just can't get a break as one challenging situation follows another. We may feel like we're standing in the ocean getting hit by wave after wave, never able to get a full breath. A hard day can be a great teacher. It will eventually end and we can look back on it, taking pride in the stamina, courage, and ingenuity it took to hold our ground. We may also look back and see how we could have done things differently. This knowledge will be valuable when we face hard days in the future. With a little perspective, we may even find the inner resources to change our attitude about what's happening. We may begin to see that what we saw as hardships are actually opportunities. As our attitude changes for the better, our actions and the circumstances will follow suit. No one is immune to having a hard day and these are usually the times we can learn the most. If we can find it in our hearts to examine the day, and maybe make one small change in perception, we can ease our pain and greet the next day that much wiser.

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