Friday, August 04, 2006


Everything happens for a reason right?!?!? Sometimes it may just take us a little bit to realize what exactly the reason is…. Wednesday night, day 3, one of our employees got arrested up at the restaurant… not a good situation but, what can you do? A few minutes ago, r called me to tell me that our night cook quit… he didn’t show up, didn’t call, nothing… just quit on us… I guess I never really fully understood what kind of impact it actually has on a person/business when you just quit… no notice or anything… now I know… I just feel so bad for r… he has been busting his butt up there and it just seems like everything is falling apart… I know, the first week isn’t even over yet either… it’s kinda discouraging though… I can’t vent to him because he is so stressed right now… I feel so helpless right now too… it breaks my heart that I can’t even help him out right now…
This freaking sucks!!! I am so pissed right now… the paragraph above was what I wrote earlier… I am hating people and hating life… I must say that up until I got the call from r earlier things were going really well… um, not so much anymore, thank you… am I ok, no, not really… thanks for asking…. My co-worker is sitting in there doing nothing and I’m in here busting my ass… because he’s lazy!! My boss is walking around lost instead of working on my billing… which I have to get done today… that’s the “rule”… we put the invoice date for Monday, i.e. the 31st, but don’t bill out until the very last minute on Friday… um, just because you’re behind all week long, don’t put me behind too… it’s not my fault that you over-load your plate and then expect me to stay late to make up for it… uh no, I’ve been sitting here all day long… waiting on my billing… which I’m not “smart enough” to do… so now what am I doing you might wonder? Oh, just sitting here, waiting on my billing… nice, lovely… I feel like no one is even taking me into consideration right now… well, screw you!!
Yes, I am taking everything personally right now… I know I’m not supposed too but… to hell with it!

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