Monday, August 28, 2006

Not so Bad

this morning at work i posted the other blog from today.... looking back, today wasn't that hard at all... i managed to stay positive and not let myself get down.... the day started out hard but ended excellent!! the day just kept getting better and better.... that makes me really happy since today is only monday (and monday didn't start out so good).... it only makes me hope that the week is only going to get better from here.... when i blogged earlier my computer kept saying, unable to connect to blogger... this might not save... i messed around with it for maybe 5 minutes and then just left it... went back "home" and actually forgot about blogging.... i'm glad i decided to stick around at work today... i was very productive and had a really good day!! i found out that k, my best friend, passed the last part (there were 4 parts) of her CPA exam.... now all she has to do is take an ethics class and test... she is good to go!! she has been working on this for several years and i am so excited for her!! that is so awesome!!
another good thing, the weather! when i got in my car to leave work at 5, my car said it was 79 degrees.... i know there was some humidity but to drop basically 30 degrees in like a day, it was low 80's yesterday!), is a big difference!!
r called me at work somewhere around 10ish... they got the a/c fixed... it needed a new fan motor?!? didn't cost as much as i was scared it could cost.... we got opened for lunch and r said it's been a pretty good day, considering we were closed for breakfast.... i think that staying positive today really helped me see things differently...
i feel that lately i've been staying pretty positive and pretty laid back... i haven't been pushing (or trying to push) r's buttons lately.... i've been staying pretty chill lately... not arguing... trying my hardest not to get pissed off... i've had to talk myself out of being mad a few times this weekend but that's ok... if that's what it takes to keep me calm... me telling myself not to be pissed, listing all the things that i have to be thankful for (good teeth!).... anyways, i've gone off on a tangent here... i just wanted to say that, even though the day started off hard, it didn't stay that way... in fact it has just gotten better.... that makes me feel so much more secure with me and the changes that i've been trying to implement in my life... i really am working on becoming less stressed and being more laid back... being like the water, flowing with things.... this change in thinking has been on my mind lately, making me more conscious of the "new" thoughts.... things are going good! hopefully they stay this way!

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