Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

monday turned out to be not so bad after all.... i did get over being upset with the lady i talked too at the dr.'s office yesterday.... momma and i went out to eat at the restaurant last night after work.... with the exception of scheduling my dr.'s appt, monday was pretty uneventful....
even though things haven't been "ideal" lately i'm learning (and finally understand how to) just make the best of all situtations... (i know my blog yesterday probably didn't demonstrate that too well but we all have challenges).... right now i feel like things are going good... r and i are just kinda rocking along taking things as they come... he's working tomorrow night so we won't do anything for valentine's day but that's ok.... i think i said this (or something like this) last year, it shouldn't take a "holiday" for you to show someone that you care.... that is something that you should do everyday... r and i may try to do something saturday night but i'm not sure if we will or not... we might just make watching the daytona 500 with km and her husband our valentine's day.... the reason i'm not sure if we'll be able to do anything saturday night is because sometime between when r gets off work saturday and sunday evening i have to do payroll (and laundry)... i like to try to get the inventory and weekly expense/income report done too because i haven't had time to do it at work like i was hoping i would have... so that will probably take me most of saturday afternoon/evening and then sunday we'll be with km and her husband watching the daytona 500!! (i need to figure out what i'm taking for dessert!) it'll all work out though and whatever we end up doing will be great!! i'm going to really work on keeping the positive attitude for the rest of the day (and week)!!!

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kilax said...

I agree about VDay - you should show the love all year long!