Friday, February 23, 2007

Absolutely Nothing

there is absolutely nothing going on right now.... that is fine by me though... this morning at work i had a little bit of free time so i paid some bills and then re-worked a report for the restaurant... when i was using the old form to calculate food cost somehow the formula got a little messed up so our numbers were all crazy! i got that fixed though and it is one more thing i got to scratch off my to-do list!! YEAH!!! i love scratching things off lists that i've completed!!
i'm just waiting on my billing or for my idiot co-worker to give me my bills so i can pay them... no use in paying a few bills now and then paying more later, especially when they're going to the same company... i think he just likes to try to make my life more difficult.... evil man!!
last night i went and looked at a few cars that r and i had seen online at the dealership that his dad works at.... don't get me wrong, i'm glad that his dad works at a dealership because we always get great deals but for instance, this dealership doesn't sell VW's... and for me to even think of going somewhere else and buying something, that is a big no-no!! both r and his dad have been giving me the same "speech" about not talking to anyone else at any of the other car lots... (the dealership his dad works at has 3 different lots around town)... it's like a huge deal to them... which i do understand.... but like i said, he gets us great deals! there were a few accords and then a couple of jettas that i looked at but i don't like the jettas, they are too small and the accords... i feel like i'm driving a spaceship... i think it's the nose and dash on them... needless to say, i think car buying is going to be a long tedious process with me being so picky.... i did talk to momma and daddy last night about buying her old accord and she had some really good points... she told me that i was able to drive it as long as i needed and we'd just kinda see what played out as far as me buying a car... she wants me to buy something that i'm going to like and be really happy with and i agree with her... so i guess you can say that the car shopping has started.... i just wish there was something that i really liked.... right now i can't think of anything that i just really love (well, except for a bmw i saw on the lot yesterday but, that might be just a tad bit out of our price range, hehe!!).... i'm just not really liking the body styles of the newer cars so much... i've been looking at other people's cars to see what i think.... just checking them out, seeing if anything catches my eye...
i'm working tomorrow at km's office.... then when i get home i'll work on payroll and inventory... there's a race sunday on fox, 2pm cst... :) YES!!! i can't wait!!! i am so glad it's racing season again!!!

my back and legs are screaming in pain (it still feels like fire inside my lower back and running down my legs) and i can't get it to stop!!!.... march 8th can't get here quick enough!!!
i guess i'm off to lunch... until someone else up at work decides to be productive i have nothing to do.. i just love having to rely on others so that i can do my job... (i feel like this is all me, that i'm the hard one to get along with- but if they would just do their job there wouldn't be a problem... but that is another blog for another day)... i'm going to mcdonald's to get a salad... i've been craving a salad lately and theirs are so good (so is their tea!!!) so it's a double bonus!! :) anyways, like i said, there is nothing going on... sorry for the boring blog!!!

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