Thursday, February 08, 2007

Catch Up

i am still playing catch up... at work and at home... both to-do lists still have stuff on them that has been on there since before christmas... oh well, it's obviously nothing that is time sensitive... whew... i'll just be glad when i get all caught up and then can stay caught up... i'll get there though!!! i'm off to catch up on my daily reads.... then to actually work.... :)

(saturday night is the bud shoot out!!! YEAH!!! even though carl won't be racing this race, i am so excited i can hardly stand it!!! that just means that daytona is one weekend closer!!! racing season is back!!!)


kilax said...

When is daytona? Isn't it usually around Valentine's Day? Is your man going to kick butt? :)

courtneym said...

the daytona 500 is sunday, the 17th!!! YEAH!!!! carl is going to kick some butt and take some names!!! :) (well, as long as we don't finish last we'll have started this season off better than the last one!!)

GO CARL GO!!! #99 RULES!!!