Saturday, February 03, 2007

Before and After

2007 has been a crazy year for us in texas, weather-wise anyways... i don't remember ever having a chance (or seeing) as much snow, ice, and sleet as we've seen this year (and even this "season")... wednesday morning when i went out to start r's truck and my car it was snowing... it wasn't like a blizzard or anything, it was just snowing... you could see that the sidewalks were damp from where it had been percipitating sometime recently.... on the way to work i hit a slick spot on an overpass and lost control of my car.... losing control on the overpass and not knowing what was going to happen was the scariest thing!! i will never take concrete barriers or guardrails for granted!! i'm not real sure what happened.... i know that two concrete barriers and a guardrail was involved.... here are before and after pictures of patrick.... volkswagon does make one hell of a safe car!! i was going about 50 when i first hit....

luckily though, momma and daddy have an extra car that they let me borrow.... when momma got her pilot they decided to keep arnold (her accord).... ever since she got arnold, 94 or 95, i have loved him, he is awesome!! so now i get to cruise around in arnold until we find out what's going on with my car.... i am so lucky to have momma and daddy- they are the best parents!!


kilax said...

Holy shit! This is the exact same accident and damage I had on my accident in the beginning of January! I am so happy that you are okay. That is all that is important - not what happened to the car, but that you survived it and no one else was hurt.

courtneym said...

i know!! i am so glad i was the only one involved!!! i have no idea how i didn't hit anyone else!! poor mafioso car..