Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Catching Up

Where to start… dc and I have been hanging out, all the time… when he’s here he stays with me… his sister is getting divorced and her and her kitties took over his old room at his parents house… since he’s been staying with me that’s how "the takeover" happened… I don’t mind though, I actually like it, ok, I really like having him there. He’s leaving Friday to go back to Corpus but I honestly don’t think he’ll be down there (permanently) much longer. He will be back for Thanksgiving so he’ll only be gone for about 2 weeks this time. He doesn’t really seem to like it much, not as much as he thought he would anyways. Besides, he’s actually here more than he’s there. I just realized that when he leaves Friday he will have been here for a month. He says that it’s not fun down there with his roommate, if it was me it would be different but it’s not, and that the longer we’re together the more he wants to be here and doesn’t want to leave here. (Plus, his office is here, he just takes work with him when he goes back and then has stuff shipped down there.) I hate the fact that he’s not happy down there but hopefully he won’t be down there much longer, from the way he’s talking anyways. So keep your fingers (and toes) crossed that he’ll be moving back soon!

The past two weekends we’ve gone to Dallas and gone bowling at the 300 Dallas and then on to Dave & Buster’s (if you haven’t noticed we really like D&B’s). I have now officially scored my high score bowling, 127, which I have a picture of!! (please don’t “judge” the picture- the beer was going down way too smooth!)

At D&B’s we won Brian (the pink hippo) a sister, her name is Brianna. She is a (lighter color- think baby) pink hippo (and smaller) and has on a cheerleader outfit, too cute. I don’t have a picture of her yet but I will. I may even try to post a video of her “singing” and “dancing”, she is so cute when she dances. She shakes her little hips. dc and I had been joking for quite sometime that Brian has been telling us that he wants a sister so we went on a mission to win him a sister and we did. We have now accumulated over 30,000 tickets. I have no idea what we’re going to do with all of them, but right now we just plan to keep on accumulating them.

Momma and daddy were out of town the last week of October so dc and I borrowed Scrabble and Monopoly from them. We have had the best time playing games. That’s what we do at night (and on Sundays), play Scrabble and Monopoly. Up until Monday night I had lost every single game of Scrabble that we’ve played. My Scrabble skills are improving though, I finally won three games the other night!! I’ve been joking that while he’s gone I’m going to play by myself. We’ve only played one game of Monopoly, it continued over like 4 days though. It kept getting late and we would get tired so we would pack it up and continue on the next day. He ended up winning though, no surprise to me, I’ve never ever won a game of Monopoly in my life.

Here are Mazzy & Murphy "playing" Monopoly although before they discovered the box lid they were trying to eat the houses and the money-

(Yes, Murphy weighs 17.5 lbs- I don't know what to do though, they're both on low-fat food and they each get 1/2 cup a day, that's it. By the looks of things you would think I feed them non-stop!)

We’ve been working out although we took this week off since it is his last week here. (He was going to leave Wednesday, then it was Thursday, now it’s Friday, but I know he’s leaving Friday but only because his friend is flying into Houston to visit his uncle about business and then driving to Corpus for the weekend. If his friend wasn’t flying in I don’t think he would be going back.) So we took this week off but I finally did take a picture of our October workout calendar with the stars on it. We'll see how good our November calendar looks after we have a whole month to work on it! The working out/losing weight is going fairly well. So far I’ve lost 7.6lbs and he’s lost 9.4lbs. They say it’s easier for guys to lose weight than girls but I think right now my problem is my “visitor”; she’s getting ready to visit and I really honestly thinks that messes with my weight. We’re taking our measurements tonight too so we can see how we’re doing there.
I almost forgot, I entered a raffle for a year membership to CardioPlus and I won!! It’s open 24 hours and it’s right by the apartment. I haven’t gone by to check it out yet but I plan on doing that at the beginning of next week. I’m hoping they’ll have a yoga class or something!! I’m excited though and I can't wait to see what they have to offer!
And lastly, my face… man alive, what is the deal with my face. I switched birth control back in February to see if the new one would help with my pms- the emotional side of it. It has but I don’t know if it’s causing my face to break out horribly or what. (My face hasn’t been out of control since February though, only since sometime in the late summer.) The only other thing I can think of that has changed was the base I was using. I changed my base in the summer because dc and I were always outside and I was getting tan so I needed to change colors so I decided to go with an “all mineral” powder base. Saturday I went back to my “old” base though, hopefully that will help because I’ve even gone to the doctor and she gave me a topical stuff to put on my face to try and that’s so not helping either. And it’s not like my “situations” are just small, oh hell no, they’re these large nasty pus filled things. They are SO gross!!! I mean, nasty!!! (Sorry for being so nasty and descriptive). Since the topical stuff isn’t working I’ve got all my hope in the old base, maybe that will do the trick. If not I guess I will call the doctor about my not-so-new birth control or go to the dermatologist.

Here's a picture of dc that I took on Friday afternoon. He had to go to a funeral and he was all dressed up so I couldn't resist taking a picture of him looking so cute!!

So that’s what’s been going on in my corner of the world. Maybe next time I won't wait so long to post so that my blog won't be 10 million pages long.


kilax said...

I hope dc is headed back soon... permanently!

Congrats on your weigh loss progress! I'm so proud of you. Doesn't having dc doing it with you really help? :)

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Wow, so much to comment on, I dont know where to begin! Hmm...scrabble! Me and The Husband play frequently. We also play Scrabble on facebook...let me know if you want to start a facebook game of Scrabble! :o)

Congratulations on your raffle prize...that's a huge score!!

Can't wait to see pictures of Brianna soon! I'm so glad you and DC are having so much FUN!

courtneyl said...

kilax- thanks, i hope he's headed home permanently soon too!! that would be the best christmas present ever!!! it really does help having him do it with me!! having a partner really does help!!
gina- yes! i would love to play scrabble on facebook, now i just need to learn!! i'm really excited about the free membership, keep your fingers crossed they have a yoga class!!