Thursday, February 05, 2009

Deep Breaths

Hopefully you can’t just feel the ugh coming out in this post… today has been one of those days when everyone just manages to crawl all over your last nerve!!!! I think that all the idiots of the world are in town today and are either calling or coming by to bother me… it’s just one of those days…
I took my car in today at lunch… the air bag light is still on (from since oh, November-ish) and the part they were supposed to order in December never got ordered and no notes were mad as to what the problem was… so they asked me to bring it in again to have it re-tested… I know, it’s not like I’ve just been on them about the problem either… I’ve been procrastinating… I have no idea why it’s such an “ordeal” for me to take my car to the shop, it’s not like I have to do anything but take it in and drop it off.
More “good” news… I found out yesterday that if someone isn’t paying their taxes, like payroll, unemployment, sales, or whatever (if they own a business) and your name is on the taxes somewhere that can go on your credit and affect your credit… which brings me to…. The ex hasn’t been paying any of the taxes for the restaurant since I quit taking care of them (figuring and paying them)…. The restaurant is a sole- proprietorship but my name was on the unemployment tax so I’m not really sure if it’s anywhere else… luckily km’s sister is taking care of the tax situation for me… he’s also not paying on his part of the debt from the divorce and the company doesn’t honor divorce decrees so even though it’s his debt per the decree since we both signed the loan papers and he hasn’t refinanced it it’s still going against me… I can only hope he’s still making the house payment since the mortgage company doesn’t honor divorce decrees either… normally I try not to be a “number dropper” but in this case I’m going to be… my credit score at the beginning of September was an 816… a freaking 816!!! Pretty damn good if I do say so myself!!!! I don’t even want to know what it is now as I am constantly getting letters “reminding” me of the payment that is past due… I just need to keep reminding myself that even though my credit may suck (cheese) balls I am much happier now and I can deal with this, I will take bad credit over happiness in this situation… (I think this is going to be my new mantra)… ok, enough of the bad and negative…
Um, positive and good… positive and good… we still haven’t been to the gym, lol!!! (ok, maybe that’s not good- I was just joking!)… Saturday I get to go to a birthday party for jw’s twins who are turning 6!! I can’t believe they are already going to be 6- I remember when she was pregnant with them!!!! (mental note- charge the camera battery) so as of now I think the plan for Saturday is dc is going to work for a while, I’m going to go to the birthday party, and then we are going to find something to do to enjoy the weather!! The weather this weekend is supposed to be in the 70’s! YAY!!! Another positive- in a little over a month time changes and that is all kinds of goodness in itself!!! That means warmer weather is on the way and it will start staying light later!!! Plus, golf season is right around the corner AND I get to use my pretty pink balls with my initials on them!!!! Ok, I’m feeling better now!!! Much more positive!!! I should have blogged earlier and got all the negativity and ick out here sooner!!! I just hope the nasty doesn’t stick on you my fellow bloggers!!!


Gina (Mannyed) said...

I am so completely anal about my credit and credit scores (The Husband is even worse) that if someone or something was affecting my score, I would stomp all over their face. [Insert sugary sweet smile here].

I'm gald you have people for the tax situation.

kilax said...

Ha. I am laughing at Gina and her sugary sweet smile.

You deserve happines AND get credit. Are you going to talk to him about it, or do you not want to go there? :( I hope it gets worked out!

Pretty pink balls, ha ha. I am ashamed to say my mind is in the gutter today.