Friday, September 21, 2007

On the Market

so, the house is on the market, officially, as of yesterday... AND we had two showings yesterday... one of the agents works at remax too and he said that his couple were probably going to put in an offer... we got positive feedback from both showings... i am so excited!!! that makes me feel so much better!! and, another added bonus, i really like our realtor, she's new but her mom is a top-notch realtor and is working with her... i so did not want to get stuck with someone i didn't like or didn't feel comfortable with... i really like our whole situation right now... i keep checking remax's website to see if our house has been listed yet; it's on but they only have one pic on there right now... remax's website will have multiple pics... we went and looked at houses the other night... there's one out of the four that we like... the rooms are huge!!! the kitchen was just re-done with stainless steel appliances... but of course there are a few dis-likes... we need to get an appraisal done to see if there are any major problems... but, we're still looking... i must say though, this is going much better than i thought it would... i'm not near as scared now as i was before our realtor came on monday!!


kilax said...

I am happy to hear the great news! I hope it keeps heading in this direction!

mannyed said...

Ok, this might be an overly long post, but I haven't had a chance to really comment on your goings on. First, congratulations on putting the house on the market and for getting such positive feedback. I hope everything works out exactly the way you and R want it to.
I know that icky, anxious feeling when you have to get back to work. I feel like that after a long vacation or even after a long weekend, but then I remember that I like what I do and I like who I work with. I try to talk myself out of the "dreadful" feelings I get occasionally. I know what its like to have your mind racing, but for your sanity focus on one thing, maybe actually complete or take care of one of the stressors and I guarantee that you will feel better immediately.

Hope you are doing well, and that back to work will go great!

courtneym said...

there is nothing wrong with an "overly long" post! :)
the feedback makes me feel better!! it's nice to know that i'm not the only one who feels like this (it makes me feel not quite so crazy!)..