Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Deep In Thought

day 2 of vacation!! i get to go see my psychiatrist today... i've been "preparing" for that... it probably sounds stupid but it's like i try to prepare what i'm going to say to him... it never works that way, but i usually try... anyways, i was checking my mail and came across this:

There are thousands of happy uplifting moments in our lives that we miss because we are so busy with the business of being unhappy.

very nice and so true! i need to keep that in the front of my mind!!
anyways, i created a whole new to-do list last night so after my dr. appt i am going to start working on that!!


Mannyed said...

So jealous of your week vacation :o) Hope its relaxing and happy!

kilax said...

I used to have a psychiatrist that I felt nervous around, like I couldn't open up to. Are you comfortable with yours now?

courtneym said...

vacation was nice and relaxing.. i got all but one thing on my to-do list done!!
i don't know if i'm comfortable with him or not.. it's almost like i think he's judging me by what i say so i try to "plan out" what to say... crazy? yes, thank you! :o)