Sunday, July 08, 2007


sorry, this whole post is all nascar... just wanted to give you a heads up.... :o)
the nascar cup race was last night and i must say that it was an excellent race... very good to watch!! a photo finish... and i must say that carl's teammate (jamie) wouldn't have won the race if carl and his other teammate, greg biffle- who r roots for, hadn't pushed him... racing at daytona is fun to watch though... you have to bump draft and it is so exciting!! anyways, several of the guys in the race to the chase had a bad night...carl got 4th and moved up one spot in the chase... he's now in 6th!!! we're having such a good year!! anyways, last night was a good race! carl did excellent and the roush guys did a really good job working as a team!!
on a different note, sorta, roush racing has also teamed up with fenway (boston red sox)... i got to watch carl throw out the first pitch the other night... this is such a good pic of the roush guys.... this next week we'll be racing at chicagoland!! i can't wait!!!


kilax said...

You're coming to the Chicagoland race, right? ;)

courtneym said...

oh man!!! i would LOVE to come to the Chicagoland race!!!! maybe i could convince Carl to come pick me up and fly me in his personal plane... :o)