Monday, July 02, 2007


today was my first day of vacation as well as the kitties annual trip to the vet... i went ahead and took them today so that i could get it over with and stop dreading it... r brought the carriers in last night and we put towels in the bottom as well as some catnip hoping to make the carriers a positive experience... of course as soon as mazzy saw the carriers she disappeared... poor murph, he's only been to the vet one other time, last year, and i don't think he remembered what the carriers were for... murph was so good and so easy to get into the carrier... the only time he "complained" was when mazzy was getting loud in the car... mazzy on the other hand fought me tooth and nail... both hands were bleeding, one is a pretty good size claw, and i have several holes in my t-shirt... mazzy, the carrier, and i ended up locked in the bedroom with me dragging her out from under the bed... then the claws and fur started flying again... we did get to the vet though... me with a bloody paper towel wrapped around my left hand! poor murphy!! he weighs 16lbs exactly!!! mazzy weighs 10lbs 8oz... now we are on prescription weight loss food... and i have to watch how much i feed them... the vet said to just slowly cut it back... this is going to be such a challenge for me!! i am horrible at giving in to them!! now that our annual trip to the vet is over i can relax and have a good vacation!!!

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