Monday, December 08, 2008

More Good Things

I was hoping that dc and I would have a good weekend and we did. We had a really awesome weekend!!! Saturday I cleaned and then went over to help dc work a little. We worked until a little after 5 and then went home… Saturday night we played Scrabble- too late to cook dinner- and built a fire!! I love fires!!! We’ve been talking about going camping but it has been really cold so we decided that since we haven’t been able to go camping we would camp in the living room. He had brought his sleeping bag so we set that up in front of the fire and camped out. I honestly haven’t had that much fun in a long time!!! Sunday we got up and he made cinnamon vanilla pancakes and omelets for breakfast!!! Lunch, during the Cowboys game, was brots with sauerkraut, and dinner was salmon, rice, and broccoli… the salmon was supposed to be dinner Saturday night but like I said, Scrabble got way good!!!
The kitties absolutely love boxes, especially the boxes that bottles of water come in… they are constantly playing or sleeping in them… Murphy loves being pulled around in a box so dc got the good idea to make them a sled out of a water box and some phone chargers that didn’t work. He cracks me up!!! So, here are the kitties in their sled… I suppose I should add that the sled has been repaired multiple times already… Mazzy likes to bite the charger cords…. She has an “old” one to play with that can chew up that won’t break anything but we apparently like to bite the one that is the handle to the sled…

And… as an added bonus, next week is my last full week to work this year!!! I only have 11 working days left this year after today!!! But it’s a good thing I’m not excited and I’m not counting down!!!!
I was invited to December’s wine night on Monday the 15th but I’m not sure if I’m going or not. dc and I joined the Y (YMCA) and are participating in the Holiday Trimmings special they are doing. It’s basically 6 weeks for $6 and you can use any of the three Y’s in town and take advantage of all the programs that they offer. They have a grand prize winner for the most weight lost and then first thru third place winners for men and women. You have to weigh in all 6 weeks to be eligible for the prizes (so I know for sure dc won’t be since he won’t be here next week to weigh) and I’m not sure if I will be either. The only day I don’t know if I’ll be able to weigh will be the 30th- it all depends on if we go skiing or what over my Christmas break. I’m excited though, we’ve been working out and playing racquetball. They also have an indoor pool that I’m going to take advantage of when he leaves. I know wine night is only one night but I really think that if I don’t continue to go after work on a regular basis I’ll end up “one nighting” myself to death and never go to the Y and work out.


Gina (Mannyed) said...

Your indoor camping idea sounded like so much fun! I love playing scrabble, too.

That's a great deal from YMCA. Wish I had something like that near me to take part in.

Btw, when you say too cold for camping, how cold do you mean? ;o)

courtneyl said...

we camped again last night!!!
the offer from the Y is awesome!!! it really is!!!
um, last weekend it got down into the 40s but last night it was in the 20s... but you know, for us Southerners the 40s is pretty darn chilly!!! lol

kilax said...

I love the indoor camping idea too! It sounds like something fun I would like to do with my sister :)

Ha ha ha! I love your sleigh! Data wants one! ha!

I love racquetball!!! I keep asking Steven if we can go play. He is a lot better than me. I like to run around in the court. One time I ran into a wall and knocked myself out!