Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting Serious

So last Thursday night, at dinner ironically while eating Mexican food including chips, hot sauce, queso, and drinking beer, dc and I laid down some ground rules regarding our weight loss efforts (that have been less than stellar so far)… but that is changing… some of the rules - we must work out at least 30 minutes a day at least 5 times a week, you can’t use your two free days in a row, and no more fast food (damn!!)… for some reason since I decided to blog about our weight loss my mind went blank regarding the rules… figures! Anyways back to the point, reading ilax’s blog has really motivated me to want to work out and lose weight… between her blog and dc and I’s conversations I am super motivated!!! Plus the other night at walmart I got behind a couple that was so big they had to use the motorized wheelchairs, they couldn’t even walk, and I refuse, yes refuse, to be like that! dc and I have been working out like we agreed too and we have even started running during our walks!! I am really excited about this!!! No one has ever been patient enough to try to run with me… we’ve been going to a high school track to walk/run but the only problem is that there are no lights there. Looking around, there are no lights at any of the tracks at the schools nor are there any lights on the walking/biking trail that the city put in. So, we are going to join the Y so that we can play racquetball, swim, use the weights, track, classes, whatever… the Y offers a couples membership (and you don’t have to be married!) to take advantage of it, YAY!!! I am really excited about this, I can’t wait to have to move my ticker at the top of the page to show my weight loss!!! I can’t wait to bore everyone to tears with my weight loss tales!! So, be prepared, be very prepared because I plan to kick ass and take names!!! Here’s to getting serious!!!


kilax said...

Your enthusiasm is inspiring ME! That ticker is going to be moving along. And we are going to be loving your tales :)

courtneym said...

thank you for the support and motivation!!! it helps SO much!!! i can't wait for the tales to start!!!! YAY!!!