Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i haven't been feeling good for a while now and yesterday i was feeling really bad so i left work early, went to the dr, and then came home and slept... at the clinic the dr. told me i had an upper respiratory infection, an inner ear infection, and a stomach virus... they gave me a shot and some antibiotics... i've pretty much been asleep since yesterday... except for the time i've spent dealing with the stomach virus... i am feeling better though... and that's a good thing... so here's to napping and catching up on all my shows i have dvr'd in hopes that tomorrow will be a much better day!!

since i've been home yesterday Mazzy & Murphy have both been sleeping with me and following me around (even to the bathroom)... they haven't even been being "bad" either... very impressive kitties, very impressive!!!

oh yeah, grateful... what am i grateful for today? i am grateful that i was sick today so that i didn't have to get out this morning and drive in the icy weather... it's only 26 here right now!!!


kilax said...

Woah! Get on some drugs and get some rest! That is quite the diagnosis!

I love it when I am home during the day with Data. He acts like such a sweetie :)

Mannyed said...

Manny looks at me like I have five heads when I'm home during the day! He's like, uh...this is my time, lady! Move over!

Seriously, I hope you feel better really soon! Lots of medicine and rest for you and the Kitties!

kellykellykelly said...

GIRL - hope you get to feeling better. talk to you soon