Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The House

here are some pics of the house... please don't judge based on my horrible photos... i
apologize in advance... i am in dire need of a new camera!!

the front of the house (realtor pic)

standing in the entryway (the kitchen "window" and Mazzy with her lazer eyes on! she loves having her picture taken- she was in the ones the realtor took of our old house!!)

the living room (the view from the kitchen "window")

the kitchen

the dining room

the kitchen (standing in the study)

guest bathroom

green room (aka R's room- we didn't get it painted before we moved in so there is probably a snowballs chance in hell we'll ever get it painted!!)

our bedroom (more maroon than red- bad pics!!!)

the study (a disaster area right now- it's acting as the "catch all" room)

the guest bedroom (right now there's nothing in it but home "decor" i have out trying to figure out if i'm going to use or not; oh yeah, this is not my paint job!)
for the house having such hideous colors the only 2 rooms i'm really wanting to paint are the green room and the purple room... the color of the master bedroom and the guest bath somehow managed to work out pretty good... i love our bedroom!!!


kellykellykelly said...

I absolutely love it!!! job well done girl!!! i cant wait to see it in person!

courtneym said...

thanks GIRL!!! i'm hoping that we'll have the guest bedroom set up when you and boo come down!!! but good 'ol blue is now in the living room since we don't have a backroom anymore... :)

kilax said...

I love it! You have to paint that green wall though!

The maroon in your bedroom is perfect! And I love your bedspread.

And I love that the cats sneaked into the pics. Data does that too.

Thanks for sharing! Do you have any other plans for it? It looks like a great place. And the kitchen is so nice and big!

Mannyed said...

It's great! Looks like you've done a lot with it so far! I like the barstools in the kitchen!