Wednesday, December 19, 2007


when r and i bought our house we discovered that the ice maker wasn't working... r read thru the manual to see what the problem was... the fridge won't let the ice maker work if the water filter is clogged... long story short, we decided to order a new filter... i was looking online (at work of course so the manual was at home) and was kinda having a hard time figuring out which one to buy... there wasn't a black one... there was a white one that looked like the black one but it was white... so this was the dilemma i found myself in... so i chanced it and bought two!! they arrived in the mail today and guess what!!! it is the right one AND i think at some time ours was white too!!! but here's my thought... the fridge is less than one year old, so it's only had tap water running thru it for less than one year... i have been drinking tap water my whole life... up until the last year or two... this is just dirty!!! (i apologize for the crappy photos... i'm blaming it on the camera until we get a new camera!)


kilax said...

I wouldn't know what to order either... I would be like "Steven... can you do it... please?" and make a kissy face. :)

I such with appliances. And electronics! Ha ha

Mannyed said...

Haha, Kim, I would do the same thing, but with a little more whine, lol.

I knew there was a reason why I give Manny Poland Spring water in his water bowl, lol!